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We're moving to the next building (two big white doors just across the parking lot). To plan our move we formed a team and assigned lead-roles. Those leads meet with other interested members and share their results in a Google-Drive.

We will announce times when the new space is open in #umzug_projektteams slack so that you can join and help. There is a whiteboard in the new location with tasks to do. Feel free to do them or add other stuff that you feel needs to be done.

In the new space are drinks for the people working.

We will move everything so that we can shift public space life over first and keep using the old space as storage for a short while. Only stuff that is being used will be moved and we will sort out everything else while still in the old space.

Starting on November 3rd 2019 we will meet every Sunday at 7pm until the move is either done or we feel that there is no more need for our meetings.


Network & Internet Severin
Electricity Nico - Andreas offered to do the work once the planning is over and material is here
RecyclingCenter David
ProjectArea PP isn't coming with us or only a few small things
Storage Paul
Gaming&Relax AdrianM
Electronics Paul and German
Workshop Bernhard
Lasercutter Bernhard
3D-Printing AdrianM
Kitchen PeterM + Theresa
Community Annika
Door (emergency exit and access to the new space for all members) David


We agreed on the following floor plan.

Blue boxes don't show the actual sizes but the general location will be the same.

Floorplan 2019-05-14.png


  • The main entrance will be in the right gate.
  • We will try to keep the pit usable for cars. The process we want to establish would be something like: Pit is locked with a key. Ask in a Plenum if you want to use it and if approved you will get the key. If you return the key and the pit is dirty you will be asked to clean up. If you don't clean up properly we will have somebody clean it up for you and you will have to pay the bill. Maybe we will prohibit some work completely (like changing oil?!).
  • The metal grids in the floor will be replaced with something closed (like 25mm OSB) to avoid stuff and dirt falling down.
  • Laser and 3D-Printers will be installed in a closed wooden room which also provides about 7-8 square meters of a second floor.
  • If we can keep the construction scaffolding for another week we will plaster the brick wall, if not it will be painted white
  • We wont build a platform over the pit if we're allowed to remove the metal edge


  • Clarify if we can remove the concrete block in front of the pit and the door - David
  • Clarify if we can remove the steel edge on the pit - David
  • Do something with the brick wall
  • Replace metal grids with something closed
    • Best shot seems to be two layers of OSB 22mm + 18mm to get 40mm - There are 40mm sheets but 22 and 18 are readily available and cheap
  • Install power cables and connect them (two tasks)
  • Install Network cabling
  • Install network cable between boheme and new hall
  • Build a room for 3D-Printers and the Lasercutter
  • Build a room for the wood and metal workshop

Everything else will be planned by the leads.


  • Total costs so far ~900 €
  • There is a google sheet with all details


  • All screws and anchors up to 4,5m height have been removed (Christoph, Nico)
  • Obsolete switches, cables and canals have been removed (German, Jonas)
  • The concrete around the left metal grid in the floor was completely ruined - has been fixed with new concrete (Nico)
  • New 50W LED floodlight has been installed in the front of the gates (German, Daniel)
  • Two of the floodlights in the parking lot are now controlled by a twilight switch (German, Daniel)
  • All holes in the walls have been filled with plaster and sanded down (Christoph, Daniel)
  • Unneeded air duct in the pit has been removed (Christoph, German)
  • Unneeded air compressed air pipes have been removed from the pit (Christoph)
  • Lights and alloy rails in the pit have been removed (Nico, Christoph, German)
  • Pit has been completely cleaned (including pressure-washing)
  • All metal grids have been pressure-washed (Daniel, Christoph, German)
  • Pit has been covered with foil to make sure it doesn't get dusty/dirty again) (Daniel, German)
  • Pallets have been prepared for "stuff to throw away" and "potential member stuff" (Daniel, Alexander)
  • Shelf near entrance has been cleaned out (Jonas, Alexander, Chris, German)
  • Organizing and moving 1,5 tons of gravel into the slope (Nico, Adrian, Christoph, Daniel, German)
  • Pit is clean now (German, Christoph)
  • Ramp has been filled with concrete (Andreas, German, Daniel, Aaron, Thomas, Christoph, David and Nico)
  • Frame around the gates have been sealed with construction foam to avoid cold air coming (Christoph)
  • Old space wooden wall near door is now free of obstacles. Everything has been disassembled and put on pallets (Alexander, Jonas, Chris, German)
  • Shelf near door has been disassembled (Christoph)
  • Old electricity installation from the wood wall has been removed (Christoph, German)
  • Wood has been sorted and the less useful pieces have been prepared for disposal (Daniel, Bateck, Uli, Alexander, German)
  • One wall in the new space has been fully painted (Christoph)
  • 3D-Printer corner has been disassembled, two printers temporarily set-up in the gaming corner and everything else stored on a pallet (Chris, Adrian)
  • First round of sorting the free2use area has been done (Alex)
  • Two storage containers near soldering corner have been sorted and cleaned out (Andreas, German)
  • Walls have been painted (Christoph)
  • Old workshop walls have been disassembled (Christoph)
  • Prepared internet from toilet hallway to new hall - done (Severin, Christoph, German, Thomas, Erwin, ??????, Aaron, Nico)
  • Replaced juniper to be able to temporarily have internet in both locations (Aaron, Severin, German)
  • New power cables and cable canals mounted (Alex, Chris, Erwin, Adrian, Aaron)
  • Hallway router enclosure mounted, filled with hardware and configured (Severin, German)
  • New space router/main switch cabinet mounted, filled with hardware and configured (Severin, German)
  • Kitchen buildup started by moving the "dirty" hand wash basin, preparing water supply (Peter, German)
  • laying one more power line from kitchen to the power distribution box (Chris)
  • Painted the kitchen area floor (Theresa, Alexander)
  • New workshop walls prepared (Christoph, Bernhard, Adrian, ????)

Meeting minutes

Details will be added to this site but for further reference these are the protocols. Note that during the meetings there are a lot of discussions and the protocols only reflect the outcome: