20191117 Space move 2019

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Whats new?

  • Network & Internet Severin
    • 100m network cable has been ordered and we are allowed to route that though the office of Neo and our old space
  • Electricity Nico
    • Bernhard is talking to Nico about additional power sockets
  • RecyclingCenter David
    • Will be smaller, more specialized, to be determined after it is clear where it'll be placed
  • Storage Paul
    • Paul not present
  • Gaming&Relax AdrianM
    • Flipper topic
  • Electronics Paul and German
    • new size is online, maybe extende the wall with the shelves
  • Workshop Bernhard
    • We need the plan for the room (housing, not the internals) asap!
    • material will be moved out of the workshop
    • two sockets for drill press and CNC
  • Lasercutter Bernhard
    • Tube and PSU should be bought in the next time
    • How to connect the exhaust air?
  • 3D-Printing AdrianM
    • foldable table within the Laser/3D-room
  • Kitchen PeterM + Theresa
    • new plans in the drive
    • fridge position might move
  • Community Annika
    • Nico didn't receive the size yet so he wasn't able to calculate the needed wood yet
    • We will decide if we build a platform in the Plenum on November 24th (as quite some costs are involved)
  • Door David
    • Current lock fits, so the current system can be moved without major problems.
  • Parking
    • will be discussed after the move

Worklog since last meeting

  • Pit is clean now
  • Ramp has been filled with concrete
  • Frame around the gates have been sealed with construction foam to avoid cold air coming in
  • Old space wooden wall near door is now free of obstacles. Everything has been disassembled and put on pallets

Open Decisions

  • Do we want a platform in the community area? Decision will be postponed to the Plenum on November 24th


  • Clarify if we can remove the concrete block in front of the pit and the door - David
    • David will discuss this with MGH
  • Clarify if we can remove the steel edge on the pit - David
    • David will discuss this with MGH
  • Fix all holes and damaged places in the inside walls (outside would be an addition achievement!)
    • Will be done when we do the plastering of the brick wall
  • Replace metal grids with something closed
    • Best shot seems to be two layers of OSB 22mm + 18mm to get 40mm - There are 40mm sheets but 22 and 18 are readily available and cheaper
  • Paint the inside walls up to the cable canal once they have been prepared (brick and fresh plaster need priming!)
  • Install power cables and connect them (two tasks)
  • Install Network cabling
  • Cleanup