20191201 Space move 2019

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Whats new?

  • Network & Internet Severin
    • Network outlets need to be planned and installed
    • Severin, AdrianM and German know how to administer the new network infrastructure
    • Basic stuff should not be touched and for everything else access switches will be installed
    • Both spaces now have Network and Wifi
  • Electricity Nico
    • Plan is ready
    • Most of the cables have been installed
    • When everything is done Andreas will connect the cables
  • RecyclingCenter David
  • Storage Paul
  • Gaming&Relax AdrianM
  • Electronics Paul and German
  • Workshop Bernhard
    • Wood for the roof is needed
    • As soon as the shop is ready we will move the most crucial tools to build out the new space
  • Lasercutter Bernhard
    • David wanted to shorten the filter box - didn't yet happen
    • Material for the air venting isn't known yet
  • 3D-Printing AdrianM
  • Kitchen PeterM + Theresa
    • A new kitchen appeared which needs some fixing though
    • Floor has been painted
    • Dirt sink has been moved
    • Layout is changing a bit but it'll be good
  • Community Annika
    • There are tables which we can most likely have. They look good! But they are a bit bigger than we wanted. Can work though.
    • We planned to install two multi sockets in the floor (cable will be routed through the kitchen)
    • Nico forgot to bring his projection area
    • Other spaces will be planned when we moved Electronics and the kitchen
  • Door David

Worklog since last meeting

  • Internet Modem is now next to the stairs to the toilet
  • There now is a network rack with Internet and WiFi in the new space
  • Workshop walls have been built (roof is still missing due to lack of material)
  • Most electrical wires have been routed to their final location
  • gap between the floor and the new concrete area at the ramp has been filled with self levelling concrete
  • Floor in the new kitchen has been painted - rest to come

ToDo by end of next week

  • Paint the floor
  • Clarify if we can remove the steel edge on the pit
  • Install power cables and connect them (two tasks)
  • Install Network cabling
  • Build laser room
  • Put a roof on the workshop
  • Paint the brick wall

Other stuff

  • Trello
  • We'll paint all concrete floor but maybe with better and more robust paint than what we had last time
  • It rained on the Saturday and it rained inside the new space (In front of the gate with the door)