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The Plenum is a regular meeting of all people involved with the space to talk about things, and decide stuff.

If you have stuff to add, go right ahead! Please sign your points with your name (by adding a "--~~~~" after your text).


  • The Plenum is an institution to decide on what the space should look like, physically and in other ways, such as virtually.
  • Things concerning the space should be discussed at a plenum.
  • Everyone who's there can participate in that process, member or otherwise.
  • Everyone can head a plenum, no need for board members to do that.
  • Topics should ideally be announced on the Plenum wiki page beforehand
  • The Plenum should be held in a language that everyone participating understands.
  • Scheduling: second Thursday of the month at 8pm and last Sunday at 11am

Next Plenum: Thursday, Aug 13th at 8pm.

Topics for the Plenum

Disclaimer online plenum

Holding an online plenum is no new process and we will only do this do try it out during the time the space is closed. Doing online plenums in the future needs plenum approval. In case we decide to do online plenums in the future this acts as a proof of concept.

What are you currently working on?

Tell everyone about your current projects and stuff you've done for the space

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • German for organising hand sweeper
  • Bernhard and Aaron for removing the pit rail
  • German for reviewing & update a lot of wiki pages
  • Meier, Sven, German for building the laser lounge sign and Aaron for lighting the new laser-lounge sign
  • German and Bernhard for building the plant tubs
  • Joe for organising soil and some plants
  • Bernhard for donating some plants
  • Bernhard for all the work on the CNC mill
  • Bernhard and German for bringing the CNC exhaust online for testing
  • German for helping build the presentation shelve
  • Meier, German, Peter, Aaron for building the floor over the pit
  • Theresa for cleaning the drinks fridge
  • German and Meier for fixing and hanging up the LED sign over the workshop door, as well as hanging up the Whiteboards
  • German and Meier for cleaning the laser cube
  • German and Meier for building the base box under the circular saw
  • Jan, Adrian, ?, Bernhard for setting up the gaming area

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20200709 Plenum

budgets per department

We have discussed this last time. I think that the ability to purchase stuff with the budget should be bound to the responsibilities of the "area" the budget relies in. We should also clarify that budget does not "stack up", e.g. if you don't use the budget in the given timeframe, it won't be added up magically. Consumables should be excluded from the budget. My proposals for departments I feel like giving my two cents:

  • E-Corner: 20€ monthly (solder, soldering station tips, misc. parts, re-buying cables)
  • Kitchen: 15€ monthly (towels, tools that go missing, special cleaning supplies)

--C22 (talk) 12:05, 27 July 2020 (CEST)

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

The Lasercutter has random upload errors. ( e.g. it takes the same time to upload a 2mb file as it takes to upload a 37mb file) when talking to rene he suggested the flash drive of the Lasercontroller might be broken. The problem was temporarily resolved by formatting the internal memory, but now keeps reoccuring. --BotoxBitch

Do not touch machines unless someone "certified" has told you how to properly use the machine and what safety precautions to use. The current events showed that there are always people who dont understand this rule, to prevent them from causing harm to themselves, others or expensive machinery the CNC Mill has been secured with a lock. (same reasons and rules like we have for the "tischkreissäge") The wiki page clearly states to talk to me (more "ansprechpartner" are in training) before using the Mill. I will do my best to provide as much accesibility to the mill, for people willing to do some milling. --BotoxBitch

Things that should be consumables?

Just a list of things that should probably be on the consumables list: --C22 (talk) 12:05, 27 July 2020 (CEST)

  • Isopropanol - 10L/around 35€/interval 3 month (at least for the time being, but even after the pandemic, it is great to have some around for cleaning)
  • Destilled water - 5L/1,60€/same interval (see above)
  • Papier-Werkstatt-Tücher (blue rolls) 6 rolls with 500 papers each/25€/interval 3 month
  • Vacuum bags (generic, not original kärcher) 10pcs/~20€/6 month interval
  • Change dishwashing tabs to "Dishwashing supplies" to cover dishwasher salt & rinse aid
  • Add "common bits" (for the workshop) (especially the torx, pz/ph ones wear out fast)
  • Sandpaper and angle grinder discs

See Consumables

Things for Newsletter, Social Media & Website News

Things to Buy

  • 3 packs of whiteboard markers for the whiteboards we put back up (~16€) + 3 schwämme (~8€) so the whiteboards are useable again. (Whiteboards: Community, Laser/3D, Kitchen) --C22 (talk) 11:30, 19 July 2020 (CEST)