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Q: What happens with abandoned stuff? (aka where do I put it/where do I find it)

Stuff is being put into the "Herrenloses Zeug" box (below 3D printers) and remain there until the next cleanup. At the cleanup it is put into the "Last Chance" box. A picture is posted to slack every time the boxes are cycled. If you put stuff into the box, look if a owner is noted and try to contact them.

Q: What is cleanup and what am I supposed to do?

Clean the floor, put back all tools and machines to their designated place, bring out the trash and do whatever it takes to keep the space clean and tidy.

Last chance box

  • Put the useful stuff from the Letzte Chance Box into the Free to use shelves, and clean out the remaining garbage.
  • Put everything from the Herrenloses Zeug box into the Letzte Chance Box
  • Put everything on the tables into the Herrenloses Zeug box

Q: Free to use

You have stuff that's useful but you don't need? Put it in the Free to use shelves. Please don't put it just anywhere, but try to put similar stuff together. If you see something you want, grab it and tinker with it. You are free to use it. But don't just take it for yourself. Things in here are shared. So e.g. if you have an Raspberry Pi and don't have a use to it, you could put it there, others can play and build stuff with it.

Q: Can I lend stuff?

Lending tools and space owned equipment for a short period of time is acceptable if put on Stuff on a mission. For longer term lending, please ask on the next Plenum.