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Welcome weary traveler! Stay a while and listen.

Finding us

Starting February 2017 we moved to a cool new hall on the premises of the Kreativquartier München. You can find us here: https://goo.gl/maps/1o4ZrMFc4432

So come to Dachauer Str. 112F (Bus stop/ tram stop Leonrodplatz), go through the main gate.

If you have problems finding us, just call: Phone Number: +49 (0)89 21553954

Joining us

We amazed and enchanted you with our creativity, cool tech and bleeding edge knowledge of internet meme? Welcome to the fold!

To join you need to fill out the Membership Form (German) and bring it to the space (just a bit of German bureaucracy).

Membership costs 20€ a month, 10€ if you are under 18. More if you like (and you're awesome if you like!) No sign-up fee. You can bail every quarter.

Just joined us?

Thanks. =D Please check out the Law and Order page to know your way around.

Main com channels

You can find all events in our Calendar. Most of them are also pubished to the Meetup group.

There are three mailing lists:

  • Discuss is our main mailing list. Anyone who is interested in the space should join here!
  • Info for external communication directed to the space
  • Vorstand can be used to reach the whole board

You can join the first two, for the third feel free to run as a board member at the next general meeting ;)


Come join us in companionable idling in our IRC channel #munichmakerlab on the hackint network (http://hackint.eu/)


Social media stuff

Important documents

Other stuff