Law and Order

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Where you can find stuff and a couple of rules to keep the space clean.


It is not allowed to smoke in the space. The same holds true for smoking electronic cigarettes.

File cabinets

Situated next to the electronics table. Pens, tools, prototyping stuff, batteries, tape, you'll find all sorts of useful stuff in here. Luckily the drawers are labeled.

Electronic boxes

Usually they are on the file cabinets. You'll find all sorts of electronic components in here. Feel free to grab what you need for your prototypes.

If you notice we are running low on components, please tell Peter or Severin. Or just buy a bunch and donate them. That makes you extra awesome.

Scrap material boxes

Situated next to the laser cutter. The materials in there are at your disposal.

Free to use

You have stuff that's useful but you don't need? Put it in the Free to use shelves. Please don't put it just anywhere, but try to put similar stuff together. If you see something you want, grab it and tinker with it. You are free to use it. But don't just take it for yourself. Things in here are shared. So e.g. if you have an Raspberry Pi and don't have a use to it, you could put it there, others can play and build stuff with it. If they want to keep it, they should still ask some of the members and/or take a picture and send it around on flowdock/mailinglist.


Everything on the center work tables on our side of the space, that doesn't belong to someone present in the space, can be put into the Herrenloses Zeug box.

Herrenloses Zeug

The box for stuff that should have been cleaned away but wasn't. Every Sunday stuff from the box goes into the Letzte Chance Box. There is one exception. If it is labeled with a name, they are not cheap or someone knows who owns it: things don't just move to the Letzte Chance Box. Before that one should at least try to contact the person on the Label, Label it with the owners Name if you know him or in case of expensive/important stuff (like notebook PSU's) try to figure it out who's the owner. On each rotation, take a picture of the content of the boxes after rotating and post them on flowdock and the mailinglist.

Letzte Chance!

Every week stuff from the Herrenloses Zeug box goes in here. Every week stuff from the Box goes into the Free to use. Same as in Herrenloses Zeug: take pictures! Meaning if you don't clean up, your stuff is safe for at least a week. After that, we wish you good luck :)

Sunday cleanup!

  1. Put the useful stuff from the Letzte Chance Box into the Free to use shelves, and clean out the remaining garbage.
  2. Put everything from the Herrenloses Zeug box into the Letzte Chance Box
  3. Put everything on the tables into the Herrenloses Zeug box