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Current location

As of February 2017, MunichMakerLab is located in the firefighter's house at Kreativquartier!

Google Maps

MunichMakerLab e.V.
Dachauerstr. 112F
80636 München


  • Size: ~140m²
  • Access: TBD

Old location

Until February 2017, we had a space on the premises of the SDI München, in the basement:

Google Maps

MunichMakerLab e.V.
SDI München
Baierbrunner Straße 28
81379 München


  • Size: ~75m²
  • shared with Hammer & Schild
  • Access 24/7 with RFID tag + PIN

Oldest location

We had a space in the WERK1 München office&coworking space. The WERK1 is situated at the Kultfabrik at the illustrious location between the New York table dance bar and the Titty Twister.

Since it's a bit confusing, here is a video on how to get to the 'WERK1'.

WERK1 München
Grafinger Straße 6
81671 München

Room No. B13 (map)


  • Size: ~ 25m²
  • Access: During normal Werk1 working hours by members, or anytime using RFID tokens.
  • Rent:
    • First 4 Months (Feb, Mar, Apr, May): 0€
    • After that: 355€ + tax -> 422€
  • Deposit: ???€