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A collection of information on existing gateways solutions out there, as well as about our setup.

Commercial Gateways


WirNet Station

Microchip LoRa Evaluation Kit

  • Website
  • Kit includes a gateway and two nodes

RisingHF Gateway

RHF2S008 [1] - around 700€ ex. taxes Media:Lora_RisingHF_Prices.pdf



Lorrier LR2

DIY Gateways

iMST IC880a based

Some Gateway RPi shield?

Single Channel Gateways

not LoRaWAN spec conform, but maybe sufficent for testing?

Gateways based around SDR

Just some thoughts. The difficult parts to get seem to be the RF modules for a LoRaWAN gateway. How about building one with a SDR? We have a few badges from the last CCCamp at the space, which work like an HackRF...

Some links I found:


Our Gateways

MuMaLab Gateway

DIY gateway with RPi and IC880a SPI board, acc. to [10]

  • BOM
Description Seller Price
RPi - -
IC880a LoRa concentrator Board IMST 218.83€
RPi Adapter Board Tindie GNZ 9.75€
Aurel GP868 Groundplane Antenna funkmodul.com 37.37€
U.FL -> BNC Adapter cable 4GLte.eu 8.70€
total 274.65€