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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "AirCasting Shield" might be out of date. See Archive:Environmental Monitor which is the follow up project
AirCasting Shield

Release status: obsolete [box doku]

Aircasting rev01 06.jpg
Description Arduino shield for AirCasting
Last Version  Rev. 01

Arduino Shield for AirCasting. Simpler than their wiring mess.

Revision 1


  • Sensors: SHT22, MQ-7, MQ-135
    • Proper heater drive for MQ-7, thanks to Citizen Sensor [1]
  • Board: Prototype milled at OHM2013
  • Issues:
    • MQ-* sensors didn't fit into their holes -> holes to small. Also pads to small, soldering was a pain and required some hacking to the board.
    • Relais fairly loud.
    • Sensors get quite warm


Arduino firmware, using some DHT22 Tutorial and this MQ-7 Library (with a few changes to fix stuff) for proper heater driving.

  • DHT22 returns legit data
  • MQ135 could be legit
  • MQ7 is oddly low.
  • Both gas sensors can't report real ppm values, as they would have to be calibrated.
  • Bluetooth works fine.


Aircasting rev01 01.jpg
Aircasting rev01 02.jpg
Aircasting rev01 03.jpg
Aircasting rev01 04.jpg
Aircasting rev01 05.jpg
Aircasting rev01 06.jpg

Revision 2

Phase: Planning

  • Can keep DHT22 sensors
  • Should switch so electrochemical sensors for gases.
    • Nemoto NAP-505 [2]
    • Figaro TGS5342 [3]
    • e2v EC4-500-CO [4]