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Release status: stable [box doku]

Description This is a test project info box with all parameters filled in, the release status set to stable and having a wiki username along with the author name.
Author(s)  Hansi (Hansinator)
Last Version  1.0 (30.07.09)
Platform  Mediawiki
License  GNU Free Documentation License
Download  source

This template offers an informative box, summarizing the most important information about a XinCheJian project.


In order to use this box, just copy the text below to the beginning of your project page, and set the given parameters. You can find a detailed description of all the parameters below.

Important: There are five possible release states of a project (experimental, beta, stable and unknown), and the box will change its appearance based on the goven release state.

|name        = 
|status      = 
|image       = 
|description = 
|author      = 
|username    = 
|version     = 
|update      = 
|platform    = 
|license     = 
|download    = 

name (optional):      Name of the project (defaults to the name of the page)

status:               Project release status. possible values are experimental,
                      beta, stable and obsolete. Unknown values result in state 

image (optional):     Accepts a filename, and includes it as a picure, with a 
                      fixed width of 220px.

description:          A short desciption.

author:               Name of the author.
                      Can be empty if username is set.

username (optional):  Wiki username of the author.

version (optional):   Current version of the project.

update (optional):    When a version is set, this can be used to show the date
                      date of the update.

platform (optional):  Platform of the project (if applicable)

license (optional):   License of the project.

download (optional):  Wiki-formatted link to a project related download path.



Release status: beta [box doku]

Description This box tests the beta state, tests autosetting of the name parameter and omits some optional parameters. This also demoes using a wiki username instead of the author name.
Author(s)  Hansinator
Last Version  1.0


Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description This box tests the experimental state. It also omits some of the optional parameters, to test if that works.
Author(s)  Hansinator
License  none


Release status: unknown [box doku]

Description This box tests an unset project status to show how the box behaves and looks like for unknown states. It also omits some of the optional parameters, to test if that works.
Author(s)  Hansinator
Download  none


Release status: obsolete [box doku]

Description This box tests the obsolete state.
Author(s)  Hansinator
Download  none