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Environmental Monitor

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description Sort of like a weather station, but for more than the weather
Author(s)  Severin, Heiko


Particulate Matter

Shinyei PPD42NS


  • DHT22


Test boards

Not having made a decision on the sensor yet, two test boards (with ESPs) were built, one for the Shinyei sensor, and one for the Sharp sensor. The Shinyei "won" the comparison by great lengths. I also used the setup to gather more informatin on the Shinyei sensor

Home Prototype 1

In order to test the particulate matter sensor, a prototype with a Shinyei PM sensor, a DHT22, a fan, and an ESP8266 was build:

Station at CCCamp15

Reviving the idea, a small weather & air quality station was built at CCCamp15, with these parts. It used not all sensors, but measured UV, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and PM2.5, uploading all that to OpenSenseMap. Code is here:


First prototype

Severin bought a kit full of different Grove sensors a while back, to build a device to measure air quality and other things.

Currently, it only runs an Arduino sketch to output measurements to the serial port. But the ultimate idea is to build something similar to AirCasting.



Current version runs on ESP, Firmware is written using the Arduino integration


Fork of freifunks meshviewer


PHP and Python. PHP receives HTTP POSTS requests from sensors, and writes them into influxdb. Python writes nodes.json file for frontend, once every 5 minutes.