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Topics for the Plenum

Restructuring of Plenum

David: Don't want plenums longer than 1.5h, please keep discussions short. This will be added to the plenum page.

General assembly of members

Beginning of July (3rd, or 17th), On-site, Mail in the next few days. Save the date, details will follow shortly.

What are you currently working on?

  • Justin: Finishing the wiki page for the small cnc machine; studying
  • Rainer: Router Lift Project
  • Bernhard: Studying for finals and finding a job afterwards
  • Alexguy: Gaming area proposal, research for a new job
  • Adrian: Learning various musical instruments
  • Robert: Looking into 3D Printing, Hacking Projects , Home automization
  • Roger: Game areas and restoration of old notebooks with linux installations
  • Paulin: Studying mostly, checking out what's happening in the space
  • Theresa: Exam preferation, hoping for good grades
  • Aaron: Gardening
  • Meier: Gardening as well; working on the Laser cutter
  • German: Lasercutter; Photobox v2
  • David: Some gardening as well

Projects & Groups update

Just a quick update from the group meeting at our space, or other long-term space projects

  • Big Spring Cleanup. The big spring cleanup was a huge success, so we want to take a couple of minutes to recap it.
German: Same concept (fixed date, many vacuums) went well and can be repeated, "normal" cleanups likely won't be only on sundays in the future. Please keep participating on cleanups, they are important for the space. Thanks to anyone who participated.

  • Gaming Area: Still trying to find out what truss system it is, so we can order the correct parts. Roland has taken over that part. Besides that: rene has offered his 42inch flatscreen for the gaming corner (Borrowing). The old screen will be removed from the space, the borrowed screen will be removed within weeks should the space decide that we do not need or want it anymore. => needs approval, so vote now. => 13/13 appoved

  • Router lift : Current Prototype build, Initial fault testing, Second BoM round and ordering of next round of components
Prototyping is very much in progress, some small obstacles with 3D printing (Warping /small size -> Ask 3D print Channel ?)
Bernhard will check the drawings that the router lift crew prepared, Bernhard will check if it can be produced and then come back with the costs
  • Kreativquartier: open spaces, walls, Labor e.V., future, etc.
Labor e.V. bought a bunch of the outside space around the Kreativquatier so we might be able to do more things regarding painting the walls and having events
  • Lasercutter: Progress is being made, currently writing code for the safety board

Say Thank you

  • Changing lightbulbs Basement ("toilet walk") - Lucky
  • Clear out laser cube (sorting, vacuuming, wiping all surfaces) - Robert
  • Clean vacuum laser & sort through cube roof - Adrian German Lucky Alexguy
  • Dust off & sort through the E corner - Aaron Lötbert
  • Remove and dust off workshop amplifier/Raspi - Meier
  • Close cable ducts (mandatory according to the gate maintenance company) - Justin Meier German
  • Clear out + vacuum on the user boxes - Lucky
  • Clear out cable storage shelf + label everything - Alex Justin Lötbert
  • Tear off dirt control mats and let dry - Meier
  • Vacuum & wipe on top/inside the kitchen cabinets - Theresa Meier
  • Clear out all kitchen cupboards, wipe with a damp cloth, put everything back clean - Theresa Meier
  • Empty and clean the food refrigerator Theresa
  • Clear out and clean out the drinks fridge completely - Meier/Lucky?
  • Sort through crates of drinks - Bernhard
  • Reattach the side door insulation with assembly adhesive - Meier/German
  • empty ashtrays - Meier
  • Vacuum & clean the pit - Aaron
  • Repair foot switch sink toilet (new cable ties...) - Lötbert
  • Move Old 3D printers to repair or limbo area - Robert Adrian Alexguy
  • Sort out sewing area (sewing table dust, organisation, sort through mateiral box and maybe move to sewing cupboard) - Alexguy Lötbert Lucky
  • Mounting the MAKE sign - Lucky Robert
  • Putting up posters in the gaming area - Adrian
  • Vacuuming the workshop roof - Lucky
  • Cleaning out ALL euro storage boxes from laser cube/workshop - AlexGuy Robin
  • Cleaning the workshop top to bottom - Meier Milian
  • Sorting through all free2take stuff - Robert Robin German Lötbert
  • Vacuuming the space - Justin Aaron Meier
  • Mopping the space - Aaron German
  • Watering Plants - Roland
  • Vacuuming the Space - Chris K

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20220414 Plenum

Tools for the space

I've bought things I'd like to use in the space every now and again. It would be awesome if they could find a permanent place in the space so that others can use them as well.

  • George Foreman Electric Grill (this model) => 13/13 approved - unanimous -> Storage: on the shelf in the pit, near the server closet
  • A pressure washer with a bunch of attachments and a pressure gauge (this model) => denied 8/13

They'll be free to use of course.

Quick update on CNC 3018 Pro and Side stuff
  • Cleaned and maintaind, ready for use
  • We have a stash of spare endmills
  • QR Code for better documentation
  • Feedback on Wiki needed

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • Be excellent to each other, including our neighbours: This includes causing no unnecessary work for our neighbours, being kind & not parking in fire rescue paths

Things for Newsletter, Social Media & Website News

Introduce Loomio poll

there are no new polls

Things to Buy

  • Gaming area : wall storage (Pegboard system) ~100€ => 13/13 approved