20211111 Plenum

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What are you currently working on?

  • Nico: Working on flat; removing wallpaper
  • Roger: reinstalling the work notebook with luks
  • Jan: steaming on twitch; reinstalling computers
  • Moritz: making music; swapping HDD on his laptop
  • Adrian: hacking switch; hacking 3ds; re-learning to DJ; Playing two animal crossing saves at the same time
  • Jens: Constructing a HAM radio by himself
  • Chris: Working on surface grinder
  • Meier: restoring chairs
  • David: rebuilding his flat
  • Finn: Building a pair of skis (they're almost done); learning german (not so done)
  • Bernhard: Building chess pieces (mould making)
  • Uli: Workshop on open bike sensor
  • Alex: Doesn't have a project besides his three month old son
  • Jonas: Mailbox sensor, Battlefield 4 skills
  • Theresa: being jet-lagged
  • German: Photobox software improvements
  • Severin: numerous Precious Plastics projects

Projects & Groups update

Just a quick update from the groups meeting at our space, or other long-term space projects

Gaming Area


Interference issues on the controller - the people present wil have a quick look

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • German for sweeping the yard
  • Everyone involved in organising the OpenBikeSensor workshop!
  • Roger/Adrian for planning the gaming area

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20211014 Plenum

  • "Future of the Lab"-Meeting didn't happen yet; Severin needs to talk to OuiShare still

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • Permanent parking is becoming a problem. Ppl from OFF-Films and Space users have trouble finding parking space in the yard due to growing Number of space member owned Vehicles parked continuously for several Days and or weeks. Parking lots in the Space yard should be available to every Spaceuser and only used during your stay. Or in other words: you come with your car, you leave with your car. -- Botox
    • Talk to people directly
    • Parking spots are public, not "ours", so we cannot really do anything about it
    • Stopping in the yard to unload (e.g. drinks) and then parking somewhere closeby is never a problem, even if temporarily blocking other spots
  • Repeated occurence of dirty kitchen --Meier (talk) 09:46, 11 November 2021 (CET)
    • Please clean up after yourself!


Would someone be interested in making more workshops happen? Ask Uli

  • people would be interested

Participation at ham radio convention at Hochschule München

The ham radio club Munich is organising an event at Hochschule München on 12./13.3.22. There might be the possibility to extend this event with a kind of Mini-Make Munich. Are we interested in doing a booth there? If so, are there people willing to participate? --David

  • Friday / Saturday
  • Only minor enthusiasm
  • David is the point of contact here; he'll probably open up a slack channel

Current plans for the Kreativquartier

The Stadtrat will decide some points regarding the future of the Kreativquartier

  • Check if additional operator necessary to keep the creativity
  • Check if reduction in parking spaces possible, increase mobility sharing offers
  • Outside spaces should be free for non-profit uses
  • More greens on the quarter
  • Revert "hidden" raises in rent (BGF, taxes)
  • More freedom regarding painting outside walls
  • Temporary quarters during renovation of the buildings
  • Accommodations for artists during their stay in Munich

Things for Newsletter, Social Media & Website News

  • Finns Ski

Introduce Loomio poll

Give a brief introduction of what you want to be decided on in Loomio before posting it to the Loomio management board

Things to Buy

  • Shelly 1 for controlling the outdoor light (~10-15€) --Meier (talk) 09:45, 11 November 2021 (CET)
    • Approved to get up to 3.