20200310 Plenum

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What are you currently working on?

Tell everyone about your current projects and stuff you've done for the space

  • Elias: Car-stuff
  • Aaron: traffic light
  • Chris: working
  • AdrianM: Will represent his company and is fixing private 3D-printers
  • Andreas: Removing the metal rail around the pit
  • Christoph G: School
  • Alex: Working on the CNC
  • Jan: Project C.A.R.S. shift-light integration for WLED: https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED
  • Roger: Is working with Jan on 3D-printing stuff
  • Nico: Clean-up @ his flat
  • Valentin: Building a lasercutter
  • Peter: Bus is getting a router
  • Werkstatt-Christoph: Woodworking & St√§nderbohrmaschine
  • German: Building his storage box controls
  • David: Studying and competing in the election

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • Christoph for cleaning the dirt sink
  • David for ordering drinks
  • Christoph and German for cleaning the yard
  • Christoph.G and Alex for taking apart and fixing the lathe
  • Christoph for cleaning the kitchen wall
  • Andreas and Sven for removing the metal rail around the pit
  • Severin for reviving the Newsletters
  • Severin for filling up Social Media and the Website
  • Alex for getting the CNC wall ready

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20200223 Plenum

  • Decision finding tool - will follow later
  • Opening party has not yet been planned
  • Metal removal is still ongoing
  • Alex mounted the vacuum to the wall and proved that it's working
  • Water dispenser is still around - Nico will talk to Robert and will dispose of it on thursday if he doesn't take it ūüĎć

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • Der Fakt das das Donnerstagsplenum an einem nicht Donnerstagsplenum abgeschafft bzw. Vorr√ľbergehend verschoben wurde finde ich ungerecht, da manche Leute nur am Donnerstag k√∂nnen oder sich ihre Zeit so (evtl. auch langfristig) geplant haben das sie einmal die Woche Donnerstags zum Public Meetup und damit auch einmal im Monat zum Plenum kommen k√∂nnen. Diese Leute haben quasi jetzt keine Chance mehr am Plenum Teilzunehmen -- MrSpeaky
    • Ich denke mann h√§tte das Plenum an seinem Platz lassen sollen und erst bei der Generalversammlung √ľber ein neuen Tag abstimmen sollen -- MrSpeaky
    • besonders nachdem beschlossen und im Plenum bereits vor Wochen ausf√ľhrlich diskutiert worden ist das wichtige entscheidungen im Vorfeld angek√ľndigt werden m√ľssen und nicht einfach so entschieden werden k√∂nnen, wobei ich eine Verschiebung des Donnerstagsplenum als solche sehe -- MrSpeaky
    • The Plenum being Held at 20:00 was Kind of okayish to geht Home in time after the Plenum. Now moving it to an undefined timeslot past 21:00 is making Things even worse. -- BotoxBitch
    • 9pm was a miscommunication and the calendar has been fixed. It's supposed to be 7pm for the cleanup and then usually 1 hour after that the plenum takes place --C22 (talk) 17:10, 9 March 2020 (CET)
    • Alex analyzed our meetings and showed a graph showing that Thursday we monstly have 10-20 members and Sundays we always have <10 members with mostly only 4
    • Memo
  • Please don't steal magnets from private boxes, even if they are on the outside. --C22 (talk) 17:10, 9 March 2020 (CET)
  • I would appreciate if more respect was paid to lab owned things such as the new kitchen. Placing -whatever fluids- on things that were not made for fluids is a bad idea and it

ruins the material. --C22 (talk) 17:10, 9 March 2020 (CET)

  • Tons of meat in the freezer for months --Meier (talk) 17:49, 9 March 2020 (CET)
    • Friendly reminder we have mini jobs to do stuff like that

Online voting tool

Get plenum consent for a trial of a online voting tool. Details of the discussion can be found here.

  • Nobody is against the requirements
  • There is a slack channel #e-mocracy for the discussion
  • $people will try tools and report back to one of the next plenums

Space Move

  • We had a dispute about the workshop door being open. The workshop enclosure does only make sense when the door is closed. In my opinion the whole workshop buildout was too expensive and too much work to keep the door open and have the disadvantages of an open workshop (cold and warm air exchange, workshop is always colder because we open the gate regularly there). It also sets the wrong signal of a door that should be closed for the said reasons. --C22 (talk) 19:44, 27 February 2020 (CET)
    • Per default the door stays closed unless you need to carry stuff in & out -> keeping the door open a couple minutes is acceptable in that case.
    • Most are in favor of that default.
  • Replace grids on top of Pit. What material? Costs? Any news from MGH? --Meier (talk) 17:59, 9 March 2020 (CET)
    • No news from MGH
    • The sides can be replaced with OSB and we will try to get the money back if possible

Things for Newsletter & Website News

  • Could write about the movie set that we had in front of the space
  • Project "Multiswitch" PCB - I have pictures etc at hand and will create a small wiki project --C22 (talk) 11:17, 10 March 2020 (CET)
  • We should post more pictures of the the new space, but I right now don't have the time to take those pictures. I started out with the electronics corner, but if someone can take some "beauty shots", I'd be willing to write some text and put them online --Tiefpunkt (talk) 17:37, 10 March 2020 (CET)
    • I want to take proper pictures, but give it a bit more time for the stahlkante to be removed and the weather to be a bit nicer... --C22 (talk) 18:12, 10 March 2020 (CET)
  • Jan, Rene, Adrian, Roger and Valentin did VR stuff (to be further documented)
  • Valentin built an arcade machine with a couple friends (will provide photos to #newsletter)

Private use of the space

I want to hold a Private Birthday Dinner on May 16th. Need space for about 20 ppl, want to gather around 16:30, cook and eat, have some nice chats, move on to the Lasertag arena for the party at around 21:00. Unfortunately i cannot really attend any Future tuesday plenums due to the Change of dates. -- BotoxBitch

  • The party is private but members can be present
  • Nobody is against it
  • Bernhard is responsible to leave the space at night how he found it (e.g. like on silvester where it was really clean!)
  • Happy Birthday & PARTY HARD!


Roger wants to borrow the HTC vive for two weeks to check out if his computer is capable of powering such a thing.

  • On a sidenote: Jan is willing to give VR introductions!
  • Nobody against it - add to stuff on a mission please

IT-Stuff for the space

I might get my hands on some IT stuff - do we want anything? Maybe some old Notebooks, Monitors, PCs, ...? - Nico

  • Nico delivers! ;)
  • Space first, free2take second
  • Nico leaves them on a pallet for everyone to take and gets rid of the rest after two weeks

Date for the Plenum

  • 6 people voted for Tuesday
  • 8 people voted for Thursday

=> Discussion follows on the "Mitgliederversammlung"

Things to Buy

  • 80 ‚ā¨ for electronics corner parts (all small stuff, budget should be sufficient for a couple month and people should submit what they want to see!) -> e.g. pin headers, solder supplies... - Approved!
  • 50 ‚ā¨ (automatic?) working soap dispenser for the toilet... - Approved!
  • 50 ‚ā¨ for a flex tube for the vacuum - Approved!

End of plenum: 22:14