20190728 Plenum

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Plenum 28.07.2019 14:35 Participants: David, German, Theresa, Rene, Adrian, Uli, Jonas, Chris

What are you currently working on?

  • Chris: kitchen (cleaned, broken, repaired), ABS on X350
  • Jonas: InfluxDB connected to Graphana, to accumulate and plot Particle emmisions
  • Uli: Preparations for CCCamp to build a DC power grid on 48V basis and a couple of on hold ptojects
  • Adrian: Building a gimmick for the next Techfest, fixing and improving my car
  • Rene: Carbon fibring up his car for ultimate street cred
  • Theresa: Calculating up her overtime hours
  • German: Almost finishing up his photobox for real this time
  • David: Getting past his exams

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • Rene & Chris for cleaning the fridge
  • David & Peter for ordering drinks
  • Jonas for sorting all the bottle crates & restocking the fridge
  • Peter, German & David for doing workshop related stuff
  • Chris for fixing our kitchen
  • CM Vertretung Uli, Jonas, P373R, German

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20190711 Plenum

  • Project minijobs is gonna get picked up by david again

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • Our good/clean sawdust was thrown in the trash (please keep it as binder for oil, etc.)
  • New oil stains in front of our space, use sawdust to clean it up immediately (the buildings caretaker is not amused)
  • Clean up!
    • If you use stuff like the lathe, please store it back where it used to be
    • If you do stuff with cement, please clean tables, buckets, etc.
    • Electronics corner is a mess
  • How do we want to handle stuff on the walls (posters, drawings, etc.), which offend other people. We want to have a place where you can hang up your posters, etc., but we need a process for such cases. If you want to remove stuff from the wall there are two options:
    • You can remove it without damaging it: maybe ask in Slack
    • It is something that required effort/cannot be removed without being damaged: Ask in the next plenum
  • The small ladder went missing for like 2-3 weeks: Please put stuff you actually take with you on "stuff on a mission" Stuff_on_a_mission

Ladder in front of the space

  • Please do not lock bikes to the ladder in front of our space, as it is not ours and may need to be moved. Alex will remove his bike. David will look into the removal of the ladder.

Laser Cutter

We need to find a solution for the exhaust of the laser cutter as our neighbours have all the fumes in their offices.

  • We'll buy some HT-Pipes and lead the fumes to the roof.

Member involvment (plenums)

How can more members participate in plenums, so we have a proper base for decisions and/or make sure that no rubbish decision are made which do not reflect the interest of the majority of the members - We'll try out Loomio (or something else) to give people who can't get to plenums access to decision making

More tools!

Rene knows somebody that has a proper circular saw with a dust piping system. It is barely used and He wants 400€ for it.

  • We'll bump it to next plenum after fetching some information

Hugendubel Mini Maker Faire München

Kleine Mitmach-Messen in großen Buchhandlungen an frequenzstarken Samstagen mit viel Publikum. Aussteller gelangen leicht und schnell zu einer breiten und erweiterten Interessengruppe, um die eigenen Projekte vorzustellen und zu bewerben.

  • David will find out more on how this faire will be conducted

Workshop - End of August

5 tägigen internationalen Workshop zum Thema Art&Tech mit anschließender pop-up Ausstellung Ende August (26.08. - 31.08.).

  • 26.08 und 27.08. jeweils von 14-18 Uhr einen electronic Workshop bei euch abhalten. In den darauf folgenden Tagen würden sie immer wieder gerne für den Bau von Prototypen eure Werkstatt nutzen.
  • APPROVED, David will discuss details with the responsible people

Financial Transparency

  • around 100 for new first aid box
  • around 700 for tax accountant

Things to Buy

Things to buy for projects related to the space.

  • HT pipes for laser exhaust: 150€