20190613 Plenum

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What are you currently working on?

Tell everyone about your current projects and stuff you've done for the space

Paul: Speaker that does sounds when something is moving David: Is doing the same thing Annika: Is prepairing a workshop Aron: Radio antenna Andreas: Blinky gadget for the camp Rene: Building a door that will curse you when you pull instead of push AdrianM: Switching job Elias: Working on his car Arno: No current project Nico: Working on his campervan Severin: Building a lamp and thinking about doing a LoraWAN workshop

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • To David and Paul for the Streetlife festival booth
  • To everyone who helped representing us during DANCE festival
  • To Uli and German for the Feinstaubsensor Workshop
  • To Annika for creating the community area survey
  • To German for pressure-washing our yard
  • To David, German and (??) for fixing the doorlock (dead raspi)
  • To Andreas for washing towels
  • Annika for her workshops and the money we earned with them
  • To the person hanging the sign above the door
  • To our 3D-Printing crew which repaired all but one printer (AdrianM, Chris, ???)

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20190509 Plenum

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

Repair Cafe

Community Area Survey & Cleanup Process

We made a small survey (Thanks Annika!) to get a feeling for your wishes regarding our new community area. Please complete this survey within the next week (open until 17.6) and state your full name, so we can take your opinion into account. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc8mWAMPP1c7DZxRMBwpIdlM1JGuYUfNsj5DKCY7qIP-1-t6A/viewform?usp=sf_link

The next step is a huge cleanup on 23.06.2019, stabrting at 11 AM, where we will collect everything which is either junk, unlabeled or member's stuff outside of the 2-Euro-Boxes quota. Of course, member's stuff which benefits the space will be properly taken care of. So please put your stuff into your boxes, take it home or label everything you have in the space. We will put abandoned things on dedicated pallets, so you can still get your stuff after the cleanup. After approx. a week, we will go through the rest and decide whether it will be thrown away, donated to other members or the Brauchbar, or used for the space.


Jan volunteered. Thanks Jan!

Water in the space

In the past we decided not to buy water but now there is water in the fridge. Do we want bottled water in the future?

If there is demand we order bottled water. Should be more or less regional though.

Water dispenser

Should have been decided in the plenum and it's somewhat redundant as it's the same like the tap.

For the moment it's staying but when we move we will have another discussion about it. Maybe just turn it of when nobody is in the space to save energy.

Bringing stuff to the space

I'd like to bring a sunshade (easier to set up as our big pavilion if your only a small group), metal sawhorses and a "workmate" (mobile, foldable workbench) to the space.

Sawhorses and the workmate are perfekt if you want to work outdoors.

Everything will be free2use or course but as those are bigger items I wanted to ask first. --Nicolai


  • Shared village with "Königlich Bayrisches Amtsvillage"

Yes we want our own village

  • Tent?

Andreas would be willing to lend us his "Jurte" which has a diameter of about 6m. It's pretty difficult to set up but we're confident that we can manage that.

Workshop needs some space

We are going to hold a Workshop and for that we need some space in the Space from 30.6. To 7. 7. --Annika (talk) 10:20, 13 June 2019 (CEST) There will be two palettes with rope.

No objections.

Stuff is diappearing

  • Our VR headset is gone
  • Jan suggested to have some kind of box system which can be locked and only certain people have access
  • If the headset is not reappearing Jan wants to buy a new one


  • Taking place on August 31st
  • Geekfestival is coming up and they want us to do a VR experience or maybe a BeatSaber tournament.
  • Some helpers are needed - contact Jan

Somebody wants to give a workshop in our space

She'll do a workshop about building a cardboard box?!

Workshop would take place somewhen in the last week of July on one day between 5 and 9 pm.

If we're positive about it she'll come to the next plenum and present the project.

We're fine with her joining the next Plenum.

Things to Buy

Things to buy for projects related to the space.

  • Discussion about buying a compound miter saw starts here --Nicolai

We'll postpone that until we move

  • Flipper spare parts for 37 Euro