20170126 Plenum

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Start: 20:30

Anwesend: viele

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status on those things?
20170119 Plenum


Planungsmeeting neuer Space

Severin concludes last meeting with Kompetenzteam Kreativ:

  • A firemarshall visited the space
  • We'll need a second emergency exit
    • Has to be done by a professional
    • The Kompetenzteam will check with the city if that is ok, and who is gonna pay for it
    • We'll take it no matter what
Packing and preparing to move

Just repeating the important stuff from last Plenum

Current Plan

  • we will move 3 Ikea boxes in standard-space-size for each member. You have to put your box on the Europaletten in the middle of the space, by Feburary 12th. Everything else should be fetched from the space before then. If you can't make it, ask someone to do it for you.
  • All remaining personal stuff will be given away to members for a donation, or thrown out.
  • Label your boxes!
  • Boxes should be properly closed with a lid so that they are stackable. Add some tape if you can.
  • If it's not labeled or not properly closed, it won't be moved.

Let's repeat that so everyone notices:

Attention Attention: Moving your personal boxes Attention
If they are not labeled or not properly closed, they won't be moved to the new space.

for more Information, check 20170119 Plenum

Please take care of your personal stuff first, and don't just pack up random stuff from the space.

Severin will suspend the weekly meetup from now on until the move is done

When we have the keys:

  • clean the floor of the new room with a pressure washer
  • Jan could provide 2 * 40l of alpinaweiß to make some beautiful white walls. We'll decide if that makes sense.
  • Mark the sections in the room with ducttape on the floor
  • We still need to figure out if our space lock fits in the new door


Paul's former school wants to get rid of some chairs and an dishwasher. as the chairs are probably to small we try to get the dishwasher for the new space.

Amazon Smile

Severin registered the space at Amazon Smile, so you can donate while you shop. He'll send out instructions to sign up as soon as the registration is finished.

End: 20:50

  • achievement unlocked: shortest plenum ever