20150524 Plenum

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Beginn: 15:50 Participant: Jorgen, Peter, Sebastian, Jörg, Cecile, Adrian, Severin, Michael, Heiko Begruessung durch Severin

What are you currently working on?

  • Tell everyone about your current projects.


  • blinkenlight update of the drink refrigerator [1] with LEDs and WiFi
  • after that: infinity mirror cube as showroom for CDs - of course with a lot of LEDs :D


  • arbeitet immer noch am Lasercutter
  • Dinge entworfen in OpenSCAD fuer den Electroroller
  • plant ein Surfbrett mit Wasserjet-Antrieb


  • plant Kameraslider (Dolly) fuer Sternenphotos


  • baut an seinem Drucker, muss bis zur Maker World Friedrichshafen (27.6.) fertig werden


  • Objekte für Second Life (--> Drucken mit buntem Plastik)


  • Safety system fuer Lasercutter gebaut
  • MVV Anzeige fuer die Ampel


  • arbeitet an der CNC Fraese
  • hat die Ampel repariert


  • working on a guitar


  • working on a rain sensor

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum?

What's the current status on those things?

  • Last Plenum: 20150315 Plenum
  • Arduino day: was very successful
  • we missed Pi day
  • There's an Arduino meetup happening. -> More workshops
  • Great opening: hasn't happened. More later.
  • Make Munich kick-off meeting: has happened
  • Neighbors: it's quieter, and they will watch over the children a bit more
  • Lasercutter: in progress. There's a log book.
    • Laser safety system still crashes when the power supply starts.
    • The water sensors (for leaks in the cooling system) are not tested yet.
    • Unlock laser with entry token: not implemented yet
  • General endeavours: nothing
  • MSCM: looking for new space, they looked at the rooms down the hall, they are not moving here.
  • We want to rent the tiny room once the transformator is gone (we might have to help with that) for storage space, racks, laser venting and cooling, and shared storage space with HuS. We don't have a contract yet.
  • Drinks: joined drinks sale with HuS have been decided on and implemented.
  • Coffee machine isn't connected.
  • Money - we bought
    • regelbares Netzteil
    • multimeter
    • angle grinder
  • Nuts & bolts situation: unclear.
    • If you buy bolts, buy 100
  • Long term vision: nothing new

Anything you don't feel comfortable with in the space?

What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • The kitchen is dirty, we still don't have waste water, the fridge is broken
  • The shelves are not being used
  • General messiness: is better now
  • Not enough LEDs.

3D printing Meetup

Anyone inclined to organize that again? There's also the 3D Hubs meetup [2], which seems to be somewhat dead. Maybe we can take that over as well. --Tiefpunkt (talk) 08:33, 7 May 2015 (CEST)

Karim wants to do it. We all hope it's going to happen. Should recycle the 3DHubs meetup group.

"MuMaLab approved"?

Jan is building a business selling electronic kits and stuff, and asked whether he could use the MuMaLab as a test lab for some kits. Let's discuss --Tiefpunkt (talk) 08:33, 7 May 2015 (CEST)

Everyone is happy with this. We get free stuff to play with and publicity.

"MuMaLab shop/online shop"?

Following the idea from the old speakers converted to phone speakers and since we're getting a pile of cool stuff on the lab, what do you guys think on the idea of fixing or redoing things and put them for sale. The money would then revert to the lab accounts or to some beer meetups. --Ricardo 08:58, 7 May 2015 (CEST)

It's not a good idea for the Verein to sell stuff because that makes tax problems and extra work and stuff.

Everyone is free to sell stuff themselves on Tindie, Etsy, whatever.

Opening Celebration

How? When? Who? ... --Tiefpunkt (talk) 08:33, 7 May 2015 (CEST)

We obv need a team to take control and just FUCKING DO IT. Severin asks for volunteers. Everyone forgets how to speak. Adrian volunteers.


Needs a date, not the last weekend of june (Makermesse Friedrichshafen) Need to coordinate with HuS BBQ (should be fine with Tasso), socializing, talks, workshops, whatever

Don't forget to invite Tasso!

Quadcopter group?

I see allot of quadcopters on the lab, but they are never flying and there in no meetups around them. Can we start something on this direction? --Ricardo 09:18, 7 May 2015 (CEST)

Peter is all for a quadcopter group. Will create a new meetup group for quadcopters.

There's some open space not far from Mumalab where the quadcopters can fly. Discussion on the legalities of flying quadcopters in Germany.

Make Magazine subscription

Should we get a subscription of Make Makazine? https://www.pubservice.com/MK/subscribe.aspx?PC=MK&PK=M3BMZA --Tiefpunkt (talk) 10:30, 7 May 2015 (CEST)

Print and PDF. Costs 50$ per year. Mr. Money Guy says it's okay. Vote: no one against it. Severin will take care of the subscription. Peter will organise a lock for the post box.

New Project - Tempscope

Ambient weather display for our home [3] [4] --Infrafreak

It's open source and shows the weather. Severin, Joerg and Nils want to build one.

Other random projects

"People" want to build robot arms. Severin wants to do a workshop on that. We could do that in collaboration with the robotic meetup and the Arduino meetup.


  • Arduino Meetup
    • will meet here on wednesday 27.5. at 7:30pm with a talk from a guy who thinks he has the Arduino killer.
    • Severin will not be on time to open up the space. Adrian will take care of this. THANK YOU OVERL
    • Discussion about a new kickstarter with modular parts for Arduino
  • Monthly LED budget
    • Severin would like to have more LEDs in the space. Peter thinks we have enough LEDs in the space. We need to build stuff with them first.
  • Monthly Lego budget
    • No budget for you. Bring more Lego to the space!
  • Freifunk
    • If anyone wants a Freifunk router to make a Freifunk node at home, ask Severin.
  • Bug cookies
    • Severin is going to buy cricket cookies, 12 boxes with 3 flavors / 4 of each, ~10$ per boxes.
    • Cecile: 2
    • Peter: 3
    • Severin: 3
    • Adrian: 1
    • Severin will try to find more people.

World domination

still tbd (in secrecy)

End of meeting 5pm