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What are you currently working on?

Tell everyone about your current projects and stuff you've done for the space

  • Meier: Not much at all
  • Georg: Getting into woodworking. Built a Shootingboard
  • Severin: Finishing his desk, and working on the new oven for Precious Plastic
  • Thomas Zahreddin: Umbau alten I-Mac mit Raspberry - Pi, USB-SSD, Treiberboard für LG-Panel im Mac
  • German: Spaceprojects - wants to start working on a bench for our "front yard"
  • Jonas: Preparations for his move
  • Theresa: Nothing in particular
  • Aaron: Eurobox cupboard, working on another cupboard
  • Nico: Family stuff, not much else
  • David: Getting his 3D printer up and running again

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • Georg and David for ordering drinks
  • Sven and Meier for the Laser & 3D printing lounge folding table
  • Aaron, Severin, Robert, German for relocating the free2use stuff
  • Robert for sharpening most of the metal drill bits
  • German for building a storage shelf and a holder for the blue paper roll in the workshop
  • German for organizing a big pack of blue paper rolls and other workshop consumables
  • German for vacuuming the whole lab
  • Georg, Aaron and German for installing the pressure pipes in the workshop, as presented in 13.08.2020 Plenum
  • Meier, German for the presentation shelf
  • German, Aaron for the parking restrictions
  • German, Aaron + Meier for welcoming Werkbox3 with internet and else

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20200910 Plenum

  • Battery drill has been bought
  • Replacement water heater is still WIP - DO NOT TRY TO REPAIR THE OLD ONE


  • All members have been invited, and can be used -> Use it!
  • We should make a distinction what is decided in Plenum, and what goes into Loomio -> already discussed in the e-democracy groups, needs to be documented in the wiki
  • David will talk to people

Additional Plenum

We should return to having a second daytime plenum on weekends so more people can have discussions about the space. As decision making will be done via Loomio, even members not participating in a plenum, can have a say on more important topics. But I think the space in general can benefit from more people participating. Of course there will be protocols and together with Loomio, an additional plenum helps resolving smaller, but urgent topics.

  • 10 out of 10 in favor
  • Old timing
  • We should do a cleanup before as well, just to have a cleanup again

Covid19 regulations

Just a reminder on hand desinfection, distance, cleaning of objects and ventilation!

  • Guest notes are still WIP, will come soon™

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

The Precious Plastic Stuff ist taking up more Space than we agreed on.

Besides that there have been Stored more private Materials (that are not free to use) without Plenum approval. All in all this leads to a messy Pit. I suggest a Deadline of 4 weeks to remove the Material and a Deadline of 2 weeks for the Precious Plastic Stuff to be downsized Back again.

I further suggest removing the PP Stuff completely until April 2021.


  • Lots of stuff has been put in there, even stuff from the old space that was supposed to be gone
  • Sort stuff into free to use
  • Revive abondoned stuff wiki list
  • Precious Plastic
    • Stuff has been sorted and sized down in the past 2 weeks
    • PP will mark off the space they need in the pit
    • Plenum feedback: It's a cool project, good having it as part of the space
    • Lack of communication, people don't really know what's going on
    • We'll establish a regular feedback thing in the Plenum
  • Feedback next Plenum on cleanup of the pit

Pay attention to your stuff on the project pallet

  • First issue is that people are not paying attention to the 7-day lifespan of the projects. Please remove your stuff within 7 days or extend the date on the sheet. Even people that were working on stuff did not extend the date. We should start removing stuff after the time period, so the 7-day rule is being taken more seriously and everyone has space to store stuff on the pallet.
  • Stuff is being thrown on the pallet that could easily go into a eurobox and does not seem to be part of a project but misc. building materials. Please do not misuse the project pallet for the same reason, giving everyone a fair chance to store their project.

--C22 (talk) 13:48, 5 October 2020 (CEST)

  • Plenum agrees
  • German will talk to people, and check regularly

Missing tooling to clamp stuff for woodworking

There's hardly anything to clamp stuff down to to the worktables if you want to do more serious woodworking. Would be great to have something

  • Meier and Georg will look at options for the next plenum, and suggest something

Donating stuff to the space

  • I would like to donate a metal drawer cabinet for the workshop. Approx. 70cm high with 6 drawers, fits under any workbench. Meier (talk)
    • Everyone agrees
  • Missing amplifier in the workshop (I did put an old pc speaker system there temporarily). I can donate a Sony receiver Meier (talk)
    • Yes, we want it
    • We'll start a workgroup for sound in the entire space again, since the big sound system is also partially not working
    • German wants to tackle the multi-room-audio project


Upgrade (more power!!!)

  • new tube (already approved, but long ago) 100W-130W: ~ 700€
  • likely powersupply: ~ 150€
  • new tube supports: ~ 50€
  • safety related stuff: CO-sensor for pit, etc: 400€ max
  • completely financed using the laser using fees

since beginning of 2019: > 1300€

  • No opposing votes
  • Suggestion of "All you can laser" after safety systems have been put in place, and the new tube is not there yet -> sounds good, will be announced once in place
  • Potentially replace mirrors etc as well? -> yes, if necessary, but should fit well within the budget above.

New, old neighbours

The Werkbox3 just moved in into one of the buildings of the Stadtentwässerung, which is across the small road coming from Dachauer Str. Let's give them a warm welcome, and a helping hand when they need it.

  • woop woop 🥳 Welcome awesome people 🎆

Things for Newsletter, Social Media & Website News

  • German has been posting lots of stuff to Instagram stories
  • He will post the presentation shelf as a normal instagram post
  • Severin will post his desk once it's finished
  • If you have anything, feel free to post it to the #socialmedia channel in Slack


  • Welding wire is missing on the Consumables list -> no objections to add it

Things to Buy

  • 5 Meter spiral tube for workshop pressure, around 20 €. --C22 (talk) 11:43, 7 October 2020 (CEST)
    • Also Wandanschluss-Druckluft
    • Approved
  • 6 One handed clamp for the workshop... a lot of our old (very cheap china clamps) don't work anymore. Meier brought a wolfcraft in and it's been in use all the time. But sometimes you need more than 2 clamps, so that would be super handy. One costs around 21.40€ (Wolfcraft 3031000 100-700).
    • Radical approval!!1!elf!
  • 0.5m d110mm Abluftschlauch to get the cnc air filtration running --BotoxBitch
    • changed to 2m * 110mm ~ 40 € -> approved
    • Ordered by Bernhard
  • 3-way-switch for the workshop vacuum, so we can put the "auto-on-off" function in place! ~ 12€
    • Approved