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We decided that some consumables can be bought without bringing it up in the Plenum.

This is the list of stuff that can be bought incl. normal intervals:

What Normal interval How many Cost Storage Location Comment
Laser Cutter
MDF 3mm 2 months
MDF 5mm 2 months
Plywood 6 months
Solder 1 year
Soldering Iron Tips 1 year
Hot Glue 1 year ~ 20 Sticks
3D printers
PLA Spools
MIG shielding gas 3 months 1 bottle filling ~60€ The type of gas we use is available at Bauhaus
MIG welding wire ??? 1 spool 0.8mm wire ~15€
Allround workshop materials
Zip ties 1 year?! 2 packs 1,79 each Wait for offers at Aldi or Lidl if possible
Ducktape 1 year?! Wait for offers at Aldi or Lidl if possible
Gaffertape Gerband 5 Month 1 x Gerband Tape 250/75mm black, 1 x Gerband Tape 250 Black, 1 x Gerband Tape 250/20mm Black ~ 25 € total Electronics Corner
Belt Sander belts ?
Angle grinder discs Only X-Lock discs should be bought!
Common bits (torx, pz, ph, ...) 6+ month check for worn out ones
PE coated cover paper 12+ month ~60m² ~50€
Hygiene & Kitchen
Dishwashing machine powder/tabs
Dishwashing supplies
Paper towels
Isopropanol 3 month 10L ~35€
Destilled water 3 month 5L ~3€
Citric Acid 6 month 5L ~25€
Papier-Werkstatt-Tücher (blue roll) 3 month 6 rolls with 500 papers each ~25€
Vacuum bags 6 month 10pcs ~20€
Vacuum extra filter 6 month 1 piece ~15€