20191010 Plenum

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What are you currently working on?

Tell everyone about your current projects and stuff you've done for the space

  • Peter: Building A proper leather flogger for *windy slapping noises*
  • Theresa: Crocheting a second Pillowcase
  • Ulli: Soldering a wall Lamp and his second part of his split Keyboard, and a big battery bank
  • Jonas: Postbox sensor
  • Ninoslav: Wooden LED ligh
  • Annika: Integrating LED lights in a wooden shelf
  • Batek: First time here
  • Daniel: First time here as well, PLA recycler
  • Thomas: LED strips for cupboards, nextcloud at home
  • Adrian: Stickering up the work Laptop
  • Rwin: Filling out the membership form and avoiding the law; trying to further the communal projects here
  • Marain: Talking RISC5 Dev Board to get it to talk to the WiFi
  • Severin: Maintaining the MuMaLab Infrastructure, shredding plastic again, and figuring out offgrid solar stuff
  • David: Getting healthy again - biohacking?, sorting his project plans - a project in and of itself

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for tithhe space since the last plenum

  • Tim for printing out and binding the Pfaff sewing machine manual, and buying new needles
  • Bennet and Paul for cleaning up the white dust
  • Severin for doing MuMaLab IT stuff, reworking the Wiki

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20190929 Plenum

  • Cargo bike is parked infront of the space - we should get a key eventually, and it might make sense to lock it to the wall somehow, maybe with a hook
  • Abandoned Stuff
    • Water dispenser - People still use it
    • Subwoofer is still around - take it or it gets thrown out
  • Assorted cable shoe connectors - Nico did buy them - find them in the electronics corner

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • Someone did a bunch of sanding or whatever which produced tons of dust.
    • Some of it was most probably my dust (Nico) but I cleaned up pretty thoroughly after myself so I must have missed some?! My apologies! Someone else also did some sanding and left the workshop very dusty though.
    • Thomas could bring a robot vacuum - yaay!
    • Don't do too messiy sanding in the space! If the weather's not good enough to do it outside, do it some other time.
  • Cleanup Meeting is always on a Sunday - some people might categorically not have time on Sunday
    • Additional date ? Second Wednesday of the month -> We'll put it in the calendar
  • Cheap yellow delta sander is gone?!
    • Build a shelf that has dedicated slots for the bigger, more important tools so that you can actually see what is missing
    • Sander was found in the workshop again.
  • Our ratchet is gone and there is now a different even more incomplete set?!
    • See above, we also should ask on slack - maybe somebody finds something
  • $something is making noise/music the whole day and night. It's not loud enough that I was able to locate it properly but it's still very annoying when it's quiet in the space!
    • Noone in the Plenum knows what it is
    • Ask in Slack
  • 3D-Printers running day and night (in idle mode) - Fans are loud and I don't think it's good for the fans to run 24/7 when nobody is printing?!
    • Tell people that the printers can be switched off when they are not in use
    • Turn them off when not in use
  • What is the current situation with the grey shelves in the Gaming area? Alex reached out to Jörg, to whom they belong, via Slack. I appologised for opening them and offered repairment. Unfortunately he hasn't been online since. Others told me, that apparently, Jörg has been told to pick them up and since he didn't the shelfes now belong to the space. So what is the situation now? Is it comparable to the Precious plastic shredder project by Lukas?
    • Repair them anyways, please
    • We will contact Jörg via a different medium
    • In the meantime, they can be used for storage
  • Keep the kitchen clean, and use it for food-related stuff only
    • We have two sinks, one in the kitchen, one for dirty stuff. Please use them like that - the relevant perpetrators will be notified
    • Label all the things, maybe that helps a bit as well.


The Awareness-Team has found two communication trainers. They want to engage them for a two day workshop, mainly for the Awareness Team and members of the board, but also still open to everyone. Additionally, they'd like to have one more day with them (spread across a longer timeframe) to deal with specific situations. They currently estimate costs at around 2200€

  • approved, 3 people withheld their vote

Alex CNC

The Machine Alex presented to the Plenum turned out to be a scam offering. Alex now has bought a different machine, but with comparable specs. The Room needed for setting it up is about 700mm in width and 800mm in depth. A good place could be on the rightside of the industrial Vacuum, where at the moment only some wood is stored. The Machine should run, however it will take a couple weeks, till it is open for publiuc use, since a PC has to be set up and Milling Profiles have to be configured.

Alex will pick the machine up this Weekend. If the Plenum agrees, the machine will arrive in the Lab on Monday.

  • The currently planned location is not ok, because the shelf behind it is not accessible if a CNC is placed there. If a proper place is found the CNC can be installed until the move actually happens.

Update Umzug

  • The move theoretically needs to happen this year as the people from the city have their deadline. We'll be able to use both spaces for some time, we should still move the primary action over there as soon as we get access.
  • Procedure
    • Storage boxes and the normal 2 member boxes will be moved


  • We won't sell beer (incl. Radler) anymore; people can still organize their own if they want. But don't keep it in the public drinks fridge.

Electronic payment system

  • Paul has tested and suggested a system to do electronic payments (https://fnordcredit.github.io/fnordcredit/)
    • People prepay in cash to charge their own accounts
    • Optional to use, you can still pay while you drink

-> Sounds good, go for it

Things to Buy

Things to buy for projects related to the space.

  • Sanding disks 13€ (Nico) - Approved
  • Velcro sanding base (mounted on the sander) 12€ (Nico) - On the one which is mounted on the sander the velcro doesn't stick anymore - Approved
  • Vacuum hose adapters for our sanders <20€ (Nico) - To avoid/reduce dust in the future when people are sanding - Approved
  • A new HTC Vive, about 500€ - Approved
  • SSD for gaming PC (for the Vive), 100€ - Approved