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Attention.png Warning: The contents of this page are hopelessly outdated and need to be updated. For now, check #it-infrastructure in Slack in case you want to know anything specifc.

Some documentation on MuMaLab's web infrastructure stuff.


Wordpress at https://munichmakerlab.de

  • Access via HTTP is redirected to HTTPS
  • Hosted on vps02.thearrow.de, by tiefpunkt
  • Provides blog, and calendar.
  • Create your own account, proper rights for posting provided by an admin


MediaWiki at https://wiki.munichmakerlab.de/

  • Access via HTTP is redirected to HTTPS
  • Hosted on beta.tiefpunkt.com, by tiefpunkt
  • Create your own account, needs to be confirmed by an admin


Space status at https://status.munichmakerlab.de


Space Automation, see MuMaBus for details

  • MQTT at mqtt.tiefpunkt.com, hosted on vps02.thearrow.de by tiefpunkt


Data collection, at http://data.tiefpunkt.com


Chat, with bridge to IRC

  • Application in itself is SaaS, we have a 50 seat community license. Talk to tarwin or tiefpunkt
  • IRC bridge is powered by RelayBot, hosted on beta.tiefpunkt.com

Additional Services

  • Calendar as iCal
  • ical2email. Sends reminder emails for events to mailing list, using the wordpress calendar. Python script running daily on vps02.thearrow.de