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Release status: stable [box doku]

Description MPD Service to play music at the space
Author(s)  Jan Rene

What is it?

We have this awesome sound system at the space. It is attached to a raspberry pi running an instance of mpd (music player daemon). Please DO NOT change ANYTHING on the X32 Console, the amplifiers or unplug any cables. You will die.


  • IP:
  • Port: 6600
  • Password: none

How to use

You can control mpd using a media player client software. We recommend gmpc for Mausschubsers and ncmpc for the nerds.

ncmpc -h

MQTT Control

The MPD can also be controlled via MQTT. Therefore, we have a service running that translates MQTT messages into MPD commands. It's currently running on the PrinterBot machine (, and the code that's used can be found at


  • mumalab/mpd/command: understands the following commands: play, pause, next, previous, toggle, volume up, volume down