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Bubble Wrap

Material Samples (left:2 layer bubble wrap, right:8 layer plastic bags)

Inspired by a video [1] and blogpost [2] of bjornsteinar.

  • Material: plastic bags or bubble wrap
  • Tools: iron and baking paper
  • Steps
    • Place material between two sheets of baking paper.
    • Iron single sheets as the shrinking is quite drastic and not really predictable (if material ruptures or holes are forming, try reducing the temperature).
    • Fuse pre-ironed sheets together to create thicker, stronger material or extend the material dimensions.
    • Optionally imprint their textures to the surface by using fabrics or perforated metal plates.


  • Mostly polystyrene, "expanded polystyrene", short EPS
  • Dissolvable in Acetone (but that's kinda nasty and not exactly healthy
  • Topics in the forum: [3] [4]
  • Maybe heat and compression to make it smaller and shreddable?
  • Disolvable in D-Limonene (Instructable)

PET Bottles

Our shredder can't deal with PET, it's too tough. But we have been collecting quite a bit of them (those without deposit on them). So what could we do with those?

PET Strings

  • There are special bottle cutters to cut PET bottles into strings
  • Theo has one he can borrow us
  • "THE" Bottle Cutter -> [7]
  • DIY Links
  • Bottom and Top remain -> What to do with them?
  • Research by the PP Team