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We've been working together, or figuring out a potential partnership with a few groups.

KRAXL Kollektiv

KRAXL Kollektiv wants to build one or more public bouldering walls in/around Munich. And the potentially want to make their own bouldering holds from recycled plastic.

They've been pretty busy thus far, and were one of the driving forces behind us finally setting up our website as well as a system for decentralised collection of plastic in the city.

Currently, they're working only with HDPE, but are evaluating other types of plastics as well.


The Munich flagship store of Patagonia reached out to us about a potential partnership. The have a history of working with smaller grassroots organizations and are concerned about the environment, circular economy and all that, so this would seem like a good fit. Despite their strong focus on sustainability they get their inventory packaged in individual plastic bags, so called "Polybags", made from HDPE (well, not really despite, it actually makes sense due to an otherwise much larger rate of defects due to shipping). They'd like to recycle those bags, in cooperation with us.

One idea that came up was to make parts for their repair program from those bags, such as buttons.

Next steps are to figure out whether there's something to be made from those plastic bags, e.g. whether they can be shredded at all or whether there are any other ways of recycling. Also, we can try to find other groups who might be interested in that influx of material.

The Berlin Patagonia store has also contacted a local Precious Plastic collective. Ideally, we can sync up these two missions