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Money spent so far (not really complete)


"Big" Shredder

Our old shredder with the Katarina's shredding unit has been dismantled after it failed catastrophically, repeatedly.

  • Shredding unit still exists, is currently at KRAXLKOLLEKTIV for a new axle. Will be used for shredding by hand probably


We've done some tests with paper shredders.

  • Micro Cross Cut shredder (Amazon Basics) - Worked great, but the gears wore out, and its broken. Made nice and small pieces.
    • Useable for PP, PS, PLA, as long as they weren't thicker than 1mm
    • Not usable for HDPE - didn't shred, just bend
  • Regular Cross Cut shredder - Still works, but a bit bigger pieces.
    • Output not usable for injection, but should be totally fine for the compression oven


Oven One

  • Status: Broken and gone
  • Bottom heating element failed

Oven Two

  • Status: Works
  • More acurate temperature than Oven One
  • Needs a frame still
  • Needs a small fan for the electronics compartment

Compression Unit

  • We still need some sort of press


  • Currently in storage in the old space.

Other stuff:

  • Some premade molds [1]



  • Got the screw and pretty much most other parts
  • Hopper already built
  • Missing the motor