Mqtt Dash Button

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Mqtt Dash Button

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description mqtt Dash Button low standby current
Author(s)  tobi
Platform  Arduino


U1: ESP8266-F
R1: 200 OhmS
R2: 10kOhm
T1: BC847
Q1: FDN340P
S1: Taster

How it works

This is a low power MQTT DIY Dashbutton.

Mqtt dash button

After closing the Switch S1 the ESP starts. The first task is to set the GPIO 4 as output and put it to high. No the esp is powered by T1 and Q1. You can release the Switch. The esp is publishing the MQTT message. To save energy the GPI0 4 is pulled to ground and the transistor cut off the supply.