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Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description An overengineered espresso machine mod.
Author(s)  q3k


q3k's espresso machine (Rancilio Silvia) is not in service anymore after he got a new dual-boiler machine for home.

Why not make the old machine an over-engineered workhorse, and maybe keep it at the space for espresso freaks to use?

Planned Features

PID control

Instead of the stock bang-bang control, it should have PID control of the boiler temperature.

Flow profiling

Using pressure sensor(s) and flow sensor(s) we should be able to control the pump to maintain constant flow/pressure.

Remote control/stats

WIFI/Ethernet connectivity for pre-heating the machine remotely / on a timer. Also the ability to see/export brew session data (flow/pressure/temperature graphs).

Cup scale

Integrated (Acaia?) scale for doing coffee-in-liquid-out weight measurement.

Steam wand

Probably removing it, keeping it as a pure espreso machine (also less of a problem to clean).


The brains of the operation will be either based around an RP2040 microcontroller or a QF105 Microcontroller (if it works). An ESP32 will be used for Internet connectivity.


TODO in somewhat sorted order:

  1. Take apart and clean (DONE)
  2. Fix pump hose
  3. Buy pressure sensors (DONE)
  4. Buy temperature sensors
  5. Design main control board (waiting for qf105, ETA 2023? :/)