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We need to store energy we generate and distribute, Here's some ways to do it.

Lead-Acid batteries

Lead-Acid batteries are cheap and heavy, and usually come in 12V packages, which makes it easy to integrate in our systems. Easy ways to get them are to get old UPS systems.

Lithium batterie packs

Lithium-type batteries usually have a cell voltage of ~3.7 V (Charging should cycle them between 3.7V and 4.2V). Easy ways to get them are to recycle old laptop batteries to get single 18650 cells out. Due to their voltage range, one good pack is a 7S pack (7 cells in series), which handles roughly equal to a 24V PB battery system [1].

Battery pack building solutions

  • VRUZEND battery kit
    • Battery holders that don't require spot welding/soldering
  • DKBlock ([2])
    • Seems pretty solid, but only works in groups of 2S, so you can't build a 7S pack

"Smart" battery PCBs