Charging Station

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Charging Station

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Author(s)  Simmarith,
The cables can't escape without opening the box

We've had the issue that people need to charge their phones but forgot their chargers at home about every day that I've been at the space. My idea would be to semi-permanently attach a power brick with USB-C and Lightning cables on it to the wall behind the couch in the Wohnzimmer. Encasing it in a wooden box would ensure that the cables don't get lost because they were needed somewhere else/someone puts them into storage to clean up. The box is closed with wood screws so that a cable can be easily replaced if it breaks.


The Power Brick 35,99€

Power Brick 2 with PD for laptops 59,99€

4 USB-C cables with varying lengths 9,99€

2 Lightning cables 7,99€

Total: 113.96€