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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "Tüftelei-LED-Sign" might be out of date.
Tüftelei LED Sign

Release status: obsolete [box doku]

Shield v0.jpg
Description Build animated sign with LED stripe and laser cut acrylic
Author(s)  P373r (P373r)
Last Version  [] (10.12.2018)
Platform  WEMOS D1 mini
License  tbd.


Target of this project was to build a sign which attracts and guides visitors of a X-Mas market to my maker van, during day- and nighttime.

The hardware

  • aluminium extrusion
  • laser cut acrylic
  • laser cut plywood
  • WS2811 LED stripe
  • Arduino Uno clone
  • step-down converter
  • car battery

The code

Up to now this project uses the Basic Fire2012 animation which is based on the FastLED Library.

Find it here [1]

History (reverse order => latest on top)

  • merged WS2812 stripes again, added 12v -> 5V step down converter and car battery
  • added WS2812 stripe, cut into 2 parts - finally did not work when running as standalone version (obviously due to cabling issue within cramped aluminium frame)
  • enforced frame - ws not stable enough for stormy weather
  • basic version, without LED's just a LED 10W RGB Floodlight for illumination

Want to see it ?

  • till Dec. 29th the sign is planned to be in operation at the Märchenbazar X-Mas Market, next to the Lab.


  • strengthen frame
  • modify code to simulate origin of fire in the middle of the sign

List of known bugs & Feature requests

  • none yet