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Start your Engines

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Status switch01.jpg
Description A big button that switches on the lights, greets the member and sets the space to open on the webpage
Author(s)  tarwin, tiefpunkt

We need something to display to the world that the space is manned and open. And that switches on all the gimmicks and gizmos. =)

Current Setup


Right next to the door:

  • Big switch
  • Raspberry Pi


Source code:

The RPi posts the lab status to the MuMaBus. Changes are received by a script running on the webserver, which makes the current status available to a set of PHP files.

  • Runs on the Raspberry Pi
  • Checks status
  • Posts changes to the MuMaBus on mumalab/room/status

  • Subscribes to mumalab/room/status on the MuMaBus
  • Writes changes to the file system

PHP Scripts

Availabe at

  • index.php - Standard page with text etc.
  • image.php - Green or Red circle
  • simple.php - 0 or 1


  • Nices images
  • Something to react to the switch and send an IR pulse to the light strip