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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "Sequencer" might be out of date.
Step Seqencer

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description 0-5V CV Sequencer
Author(s)  tiefpunkt

A step sequencer with up to 8 steps. One CV channel (0-5V), and one Gate channel. Uses 4017 Dec Counter CMES logic chip, and a 555 timer as a clock generator.


v0 Breadboard Prototype

Prototype build with 8 5k potentiometers on a large breadboard. Clock on an external circuit.

v1 PCB

tiefpunkt's first commercially made PCB. 8 Steps, Gate and CV, Clock on-board.


  • All pots turn in the wrong direction
  • Missed holes for the pots
  • Missed one trace for step-count-connector
  • Missing a capacitor for smoothing clock in signal
  • LM317-based powersupply doesn't work properly