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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "SenseBox" might be out of date. Project from 2020

Release status: obsolete [box doku]

Description DIY sensor station
Author(s)  Severin

The End

Water eventually got into the case and the circuits didn't really like that. It was broken beyond repair, so we took it down.

The fine folks of SenseBox sent us a senseBox:home kit with a case to put up at the space.


Here's the manual on how to setup the station: We got the case they mention in the description.

The SenseBox is mounted in the unused vent of the transformer room. It's powered via a PoE adapter added into the box. Details are in the tumblr: (TODO: Copy images atc over here)


The case doesn't directly fit the Arduino and the sensor boards. So we designed some adapters for lasercutting. Find them in our GitHub repository.


You can find the measurements on the OpenSenseBox website.