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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "PfanniFactoryManager" might be out of date.
Pfanni Factory Manager

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description A management game with original IO
Author(s)  tarwin


Build a game of process management using original factory IO (status panel, switches, lamps, buttons).

Game concept

A game of high intensity micromanagement! You have 120 seconds to deliver the most delicious spud products!

  • Control input speed of raw materials
  • Watch out for overloading / clogging the pipes
  • Fill the mixer machines to a certain level for them to be most effective and watch out for overheat
  • look at the recipie!
  • don't clog or overload the conveyor!
  • get the produce in the right storage, and don't overfill
  • When delivery is running, don't load more stuff into it or the lorry will break
  • difficulty setting is slow/medium/fast step speed -> translates into higher points
  • Retweet your score that the machine is tweeting after every game. ;-)


  • status panel
  • old school buttons, knobs, switches, lamps, gauges in operation panel
  • Raspberry Pi?
  • Wifi (for remote management, ease of update and twitter)
  • sound output (lorry reversing / driving off, game over, ...)
  • LEDs, maybe loose WS2812 to save GPIO pins or normal leds with shift registers
  • Bulbs would be cooler but a lot more hassle to get to work and a lot more expensive.
  • some kind of stand (Maybe Werkbox can help?)


  • Python!