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Temperature controlled Relay

Release status: beta [box doku]

Description BME280 controlled relay with WiFi, Web interface and HTTP data reporting
Author(s)  German (C22)

ESP8266, NodeMCU Temperature controlled Relay

This relay control unit is standalone and consists of the following parts:

  • NodeMCU Microcontroller
  • Relayboard (up to 230V, 10A)
  • 12V -> 3.3 V converter (for this specific use-case, to power the fan and microcontroller from the same source)
  • BME280 Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • 12V power supply

The software makes use of standard libraries (WiFi, Adafruit Sensor Library) and ESPUI. Relay is switched every minute if it exceeds the configurable temperature on the temperature sensor. The sensor is read every 10 seconds. Every 30 seconds the readings are sent to a remote webserver (to process the data in InfluxDB for my use-case).

Finished project with enclosure looks like this: