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MuMaLab Machine Status

Release status: unknown [box doku]

Description Displaying the machine status of the most used machines in the lab that frequently don't work ;)
Author(s)  Peter, Uli, Jan, German?

MuMaLab Machine Status

The idea is to create a little box that displays the machine status in a clear way, optionally displaying a reason why the machine is out of order. It should be as easy as pressing a button to report a broken machine so the threshold for reporting a machine is low.

All MuMaMaSta's will have a connector exposes that can act as input and outputs. We will build the first version including a RFID tag reader which can be used later to output a "unlock" signal for dangerous machines. (e.g. only members or unlocked RFIDs will be able to unlock those).

Any "out of order" action will be reported to slack.

Right now this is just an idea.