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Kickstarter: Laser enhancement

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description Kickstarter for Mumaland's war chest
Author(s)  Eymen, Ragnaroek23


We want to raise money, but we also want to advertise our space, maybe get new members, or a fan club online


We'll present the space, some (willing) members, the laser cutter and what we want to do with it. The video should focus on how much fun we have here, how awesome our laser cutter is and how much more awesome it will be with the backers help.

Any creative, crazy and/or funny ideas for the video are more than welcome!

explaining the costs

Why do we spend how much on what? 10 % overhead for club mate and chips, since people need to live to work ;)


Raise money for different enhancements for the recently build laser cutter.

Main goal

Motorize the Z-Axis

ca. 300€

To cut or engrave objects of different sizes, the cutting surface has to be movable on the Z-axis. With 300€ we can motorize it.

We start with a small goal to get the campaign rolling. There is nothing more frustrating than a campaign with a big goal missed by a little. Stretch goals will keep people engaged

Stretch goal 1

Replacement laser source

ca. 1000€

Sooner or later the Laser will need a replacement.

Stretch goal 2

Stronger laser

min. 500€

If backers add some money to stretch goal 1, we can buy a laser with more cutting power. With a little research on lasers this goal is incremental, since we can always buy a stronger laser with more €.

Stretch goal 3

Motorized Z-focus

To keep the laser in focus even if the cutting a motorized Z-axis on the laser focus with a range finder would be nice

Stretch goal 4

more laser safety googles

Stretch goal 5


Nice computer to operate the laser cutter, with nice features to make designs.

Any money in-between

Cutting material

The money in-between goals will be spend on cutting material like wood, plexiglas etc.


Obviously something laser cut, but what else could we offer?

Examples (please fill in your ideas)

  • Time for laser cutting local
  • lasercut Mumaland logos
  • membership local
  • send us your design we'll laser cut it for you
  • mention on our website


It would be nice to get some help on all or at least some of those TODOs

  • Campaign video most work, needs to happen soonish
    • equipment
    • camera man
    • editing
    • people appearing in the video
    • people helping out for the shoot
  • find out the exact costs of the goals
    • Research what types of laser we can put in the cutter, and how much they cost, so we can increment stretch goal 2
  • Design the campaign page
  • Put together photos for the campaign (laser cutter, space, members )
  • Rewards
    • devise rewards
    • production
    • distribution
  • campaign marketing
    • Friends and Family
    • Social media
    • Email