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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "Geocache" might be out of date.

Release status: obsolete [box doku]

Description A Geocache right outside the space to attract new, tech-savvy members
Author(s)  Jan

The idea

A Geocache is a small, waterproof box that contains at least a Guestbook. The GPS coordinates are shared on the Internet for others to find. Geocaches are accessible for everyone. Read more on

Most geocachers are tech-savvy people. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Geocache that shows off our best work to attract new members?

  • Multi-Cache (multiple stations to find before the location of the final box is revealed)
  • Very tech-focused

Let's collect ideas for different elements below.


  • LEDs in front of our windows for morse-code/animations/binary encoded messages
  • hall-effect sensors to trigger actions (user has to bring a magnet!)
  • code-lock
  • simple mechanics like pulleys
  • web interface reachable from wifi
  • only usable at a certain time of the day
  • small piezo speaker that beeps only a few times a day helps to locate one station. We could use a plain old DCF-77 alarm clock.
  • Items for Trade: Lasercut stuff, 3d printed stuff, small and cheap electronics/arduino clones.
  • show code or coordinates as wifi network name (ESSID)
  • (Fake)-Stone with NFC-Tag that has do be placed onto a hidden NFC reader somewhere