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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "Cocktail Bot" might be out of date. project from 2014
Cocktail Bot

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description Automated cocktails
Author(s)  tiefpunkt

I want to build an automated cocktail mixing robot.

Overall plan

  • Lots of Pumps
  • Some sort of microcontroller/embedded PC
  • Magic


We need to transport the different ingridients into our cocktail glass, without contaminating them. So everything that liquid passes through needs to be food safe. Food safe pumps are expensive, so the idea was to use peristaltic pumps. In them, only the tube gets into contact with the liquid, but no other part of the pump. If you want to buy such pumps, they are still fairly expensive, but there should be a way to build them ourselfs.

Prototype 1

  • Using a lasercut model from Thingiverse []
  • Uses 608 ball bearings (leftovers from CNC machine)
  • 6mm tube (leftover from Hydroponics setup)
  • Pictures: Tumblr
  • Works for transporting water, but not perfect
    • Bearings don't completely seal the tube
    • Water travels back to the source
    • Layer height needs to be adjusted

Prototype 2

  • Will also be lasercut
  • 3 pump arms insted of 2
    • Needs more ball bearing. Possible source: Pollin
  • Silicone tubing (food safe)

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