20210311 Plenum

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What are you currently working on?

  • Aaron: LED-Strip
  • Christoph: Laser-Abluft, Wohnzimmerlampe
  • David: Nur Uni
  • Bernhard: Mathescript nacharbeiten, Workshop vorbereiten
  • Jonas: Hamburg urlaub
  • Theresa: Isst, Rechnungen, Job
  • German: Workshop vorbereiten
  • Alex: Hat was großes vor, möchte einen Feinstaubsensor bauen
  • Severin: precious plastic, microgrid, Abendessen
  • Peter: Schält sich n' Apfel

Projects & Groups update

Just a quick update from from of the groups meeting at our space, or other longterm space projects

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • Meier / German for repairing the welding machine
  • Bernhard for maintenance/work on the CNC and preparing a CNC workshop!
  • Meier / German for repairing the vacuum (changing the cable and hose)
  • German for debugging the outdoor socket and finding the fault
  • David and the members of the board for taking care of COVID regulations
  • Theresa for taking care of the kitchen!
  • Meier/German for giving the planting pots in front of the space some love
  • The awesome people that finished integrating the upper fan into the laser cutting system
  • Everyone for patiently waiting for the space re-opening (at least for members :-))

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20210228 Plenum

  • Space re-opened.

Multiroom Audio

  • Started an experiment with two raspis and RCA hats a while ago
    • It's working and the software gets regular updates, but not all features work flawlessly all the time. It requires a reboot sometimes.
    • Raspi 4 (2GB) + Power supply + SD card (etc = 55€) + Raspi RCA Hat 29€ = 84 € per setup, I temporarily deployed two
    • Management can be done via Balena which I setup on a separate account so we can share it

--C22 (talk) 11:13, 11 March 2021 (CET)

  • Testing for another 4 weeks

Bringing in (physical) donations

  • Someone (and I have tried to figure out who to contact them directly, but didn't have much success) brought in about 25 cans of paint. We have noticed that about 20 of these cans were not useable anymore - meaning that now we have 20 cans toxic waste at the space that someone needs to take care of getting out of the space. While I think it was good intention, it is a perfect example that we ask to double check (and if in doubt ask) before bringing in such physical donations - the space is not a place where you can just unload trash and dump your toxic waste, but a place where still useable things that you don't need anymore might get a chance to be used BEFORE someone needs to trash it. Thanks :-) --C22 (talk) 13:01, 11 March 2021 (CET)
  • Serverin volunteered to take the unusable paint to the recycling center
  • Info in the newsletter that you should ask what to donate to the space

CNC Remote Workshop

  • Given that the COVID limitation allows it, we want to offer a CNC workshop on the 27th of March 2021. It will start at 10:30 am to around 4 pm. The workshop and community area in front of the gate would be needed for the cable runs. We hope a lot of MuMaLab Members participate. There is a chance that the video will be able available as VOD. We will be in contact with the board of members to ensure that it is possible to run the livestream at the given time in accordance with our COVID19 hygiene concept. --C22 (talk) 17:06, 8 March 2021 (CET)
  • 10/10, would vote again

Things for Newsletter, Social Media & Website News

  • CNC-Workshop
  • Bringing Stuff to the Space
  • All you can Laser

Things to Buy

  • We should get a ashtray in front of the space. Lot of cigs get thrown on the ground in front of the space - it's pretty bad for the environment and also looks ugly. We already mounted one over at "Alte Feuerwehr" and it drastically reduced the amounts of cigs thrown on the ground. Alte Feuerwehr is using this model for around 40 €.
    • 8/9 approve
  • I would like to have some Extra long Endmills for the MUMAMill. especially this one (47,12€) Fräser Extralang i have searched a few sites for this type of endmill but it seems like hoffman is the only website to offer these for Private buyers
    • No objections
  • Material for outdoor powersocket switching and automated shutoff ~ €100
    • No objections

Plenum start & End: 20:05 - 21:05