20190331 Plenum

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What are you currently working on?

Tell everyone about your current projects and stuff you've done for the space

  • Cecile: Making Met (fermented honey wine)
  • Severin: Working on Precious Plastic
  • Peter M: Fixing issues on the bus für TÜV
  • Thomas: Nothing at the moment
  • Annika: Organizing workshops
  • Adrian: waiting on parts for his keyboard and his delta printer
  • Bernhard: Waiting for 3D printed parts for his 3D printer, working on the CNC mill
  • Christian: Roombas with Lasers, thinking about building a mod synth
  • Uli: thinking about building furniture, smart meter stuffer
  • Jan: Building electroshock collars
  • Jonas: Looking for sponsors for the move
  • German: Post-Workshop-Stuff after the SMD workshop
  • Nico: Moving and design furniture
  • Peter F: Building a O-Bike-Lock-Musik-Box
  • Devin: Syncing music between watch, phone and computer
  • Paul: Storage box and Pinball highscore list
  • David: ESP based internet streaming radio

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • Liviu for donating lots of stuff, e.g lockpicking set, hammer drill, etc.
  • Andreas for the SMD soldering workshop
  • Paul for another pcb workshop
  • Geman for workshop organization
  • Peter for ordering drinks
  • German for buying stuff
  • German and Peter for planing our move
  • Jonas for trying to find sponsors for the move
  • Everyone helping at the repair cafe
  • Everyone working on the CNC
  • German for doing an inventory of our vending machine
  • Severin for the Precious Plastic meetup

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20190314 Plenum

  • Generall Assembly: Done!
  • German went shopping:
    • Power extension cords + Power strips (so we get some of the power distribution thingies back that are solely used for extension purposes!) 60€
    • Proper Tape to fix the old laser filters to the server rack 15€
    • Schnurzeug das zuende geht (Seil Paraloc PP - ca. 15 € für 100m)
    • Gerband Gaffer (ca. 25€ gesamt für verschiedene Größen) - hat ca. 5 Monate gehalten. -> counts as a consumable from now on

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • We have so much space, we could get away with less (like 35% ?)

We finally got a lease

We got a lease for the current space, until the end of the year. It includes us moving to the new location once it's ready. -- David

Code of Conduct

People met to write a CoC, and we'd like to confirm that with the Plenum. -- Annika

  • CoC draft is distributed to the plenum in paper form, people read it.
  • Cecile has some recommendations, added to the final CoC
  • CoC including Cecile's recommendations put up to a vote, confirmed uniformly
  • Idea: Should we review the CoC and its effectiveness in like 6 months?
    • Or when the awareness team has figured out its modes of operation

Awareness Team

The Awareness Team is part of the CoC, and here to Help

  • to mediate
  • to desolve urgent cases
  • not designed to make the rules
  • they should be trained
  • Consists of 5 Members, excl. members of the board
    • Should be inline with values of the CoC
    • Should be diverse if possible
    • Why 5? - Seems like a large number for the amount of regular visiting members we have
      • Should be odd
      • harder to be diverse at 3
      • redundancies
      • we need to be able to deal with people from the awareness team to be part of a conflict


Voting mechanism: We collect a list of people who would like to be part of the awareness team, or who are recommended by others. Then everyone writes down a list of people who they would trust and we do sort of a secret vote. The five people with the most votes are part of the team, but the other people are also part of the "nachrückliste"

  • Andreas: 8
  • Annika: 13
  • Bennet: 6
  • Devin: 6
  • Jan: 7
  • German: 8
  • Paul: 13
  • Peter M: 13
  • Severin: 15
  • Theresa: 12
  • Uli: 8

The new Awareness Team

  • Annika
  • Paul
  • Peter M
  • Severin
  • Theresa

Law and Order

We've collected all the decisions and rules we made during all past plenums, and combined them into a smaller set of generic rules we could print on a sheet of paper for people to get a quicker grip on who we'd like them to treat the space and all of its parts and inner workings.

  • Rules distributed to plenum on paper to read through it.
  • uniformly decided

DANCE Festival

  • Freitag, 24. Mai 2019, 17 Uhr, and Sonntag, 26. Mai 2019, 14.30 Uhr
  • Two tours arund KQ planned, do we want to participate in those tours?
  • No complaints

CNC Mill

We have an almost working CNC mill, it milled things of wood/aluminium yesterday We need a new CNC controller:

  • Bundle of controller and software (Mach3) - ~500€

Tobi will do some more work on the current setup, discussion postponed to another plenum

Things to Buy

Things to buy for projects related to the space.

  • Zone Star - BuildTak (20€) - decided
  • Magnets - ~30€ - decided