20180114 Plenum

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  • The Plenum is an institution to decide on what the space should look like, physically and in other ways.
  • All things concerning the space should be discussed at a plenum, if possible.
  • Everyone who's there can participate in that process, member or otherwise.
  • Everyone can head a plenum, no need for board members to do that.
  • Topics should ideally be announced on the Plenum wiki page beforehand
  • The Plenum should be held in a language that everyone participating understands.


  • Participants: Eymen, Jörg, Nico, David, Jan Marlot, Thomas, Peter, Kenny
    • Later on:
      • 11:27 Heiko enters.
      • 11:48 Rakesh enters.
  • Moderator: Eymen
  • Protocollist: Kenny
  • Begin: 10:38
  • It is nice to have Plenum on Sundays.

What did you do for the space

  • Kenny: Publicity Video for Space (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NQtmDMKWtA)
  • Thomas: Iron Rod for stable stand for the CNC-machine, Spindle connected
  • Tobi & Co: Working Control Circuit
  • Eymen & Co: Garbage disposal
  • Eymen, Jörg: working on laser
  • Nico: Mearsuring and Planning of the kitchen, aquiring new members
  • David: Moving out Hebocon Plate
  • JanM: Sticker from Fablab Thübingen, WIG-Welding, Color-Coded Sticker for Describing things

Thank you

  • Tobi & Thomas: The end of the tunnel for the CNC project
  • Tobi & Anil & Severin & Paul: cleaning up the space
  • Severin & Cecil: Writing down the Rules by aggregating -> we need to talk about it in the next plenum

Open Questions

  • Is there an onboarding mail, if so, how can we make it more conforting and clear?
    • What kind of machines do we have?
    • How many members (currently 80)?
    • How can they contribute?
    • "Haftung" (Insurance) -> Severin participated a workshop on this topic, info coming soon...
  • Can we already finance the space only through membership fees?
    • Yes (it is 1600€ warm), but barely.
  • We need people to make the boxes. We have material for 3 more boxes. Who wants to help?
  • How do we get rid of the big plotter?.

For the next plenum

  • Idea to have the plenum and clean-up session day on the same day of the week-end, but Wertstoffhof only open until 3 p.m. on Saturdays.
    • -> Consesus that Cleaning Session should be at 11 A.M. (Saturday), because the Wertstoffhof (recycling dumpster) closes at 3 p.m.
    • -> Consesus that day of week for the plenum will be alternating between Thursdays and Sundays (preferrably starting at 11 a.m. on Sundays) -> Approved
  • Shall we designate somebody to chair the next plenum, since this would facilitate a designated Moderator to start the plenum?
    • -> People delay starting the plenum by saying " XYZ wants to come, but is not here, yet"
    • -> Start nevertheless by saying: "Pech gehabt" ("Unfortunate for them") for the sake of punctuality
    • -> Consesus: That no designation of a Moderator is desired.

Stuff from the past

  • This time it was more puntual.
  • Less dust
  • Nico needs help for the wood workshop:
    • It is planned to put a string on top of the wood workshop in a angle, so if we put a robust plastic foil onto it, the dust will be collected away from the walls.
    • Inside a dust collection will be required.
  • Thomas calculated the cost for the second floor on top of the wood workshop and it will cost 5k and we are not willing to do big investment (it also costs also time) for a annually limited contract for the space.
  • We will buy 3 cabins (Schrank) which is already approved. for the kitchen.
  • Election Day: 11st of February
  • Eymen will insert the beam combiner into the lasercutter.

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

  • Taping and Insulating the roof is time consuming.
  • Burglary:
    • Window reinforcement with 0.5mm steel-sheet for the lower windows (in between of the double glass window) -> Call for Designs
    • Size: (2mm or something should be substracted for fitting)
      • 2x 45cm by 81.5cm
      • 6x 53cm by 89.5cm
      • Currently: Letters of "#MUMALAB" with voronoi cells, lower part some kind of grass (pointy)
    • Alarm-System:
      • Even Fake Cameras are not permitted
      • Human Motion sensor (PIR) + Sound (Hupe) + Light (Halogen lap) -> Call For Maker
      • Connection to the locking system is difficult, if someone is inside and do not want to be disturbed -> Call for Solution
  • "Recycled" Printer was lying around for month. we wish more courage to dispose them.

What are you currently working on?

  • Severin & Katharina & David: Precious Plastic:
    • Needs temporary space -> Approved
    • Contains Extruder, Shredding Machine, Injector, Pressing machine
    • Small area to sort/collect material to be recycled (few Euroboxes)
  • JanM: CNC for "Mineralguss" (Quartz and Epoxy Composit)
    • Ultra schwingungsresistent, klebbar, leichter, keine thermische Ausdehnung (Sorry I was too lazy for translating)
  • David: Power supply (Schaltnetzteil) (maybe lighting talk)
  • Thomas: CNC, 6-axis robot arm
  • Kenny: Robot Dog, carrying beer and camera for his Youtube Channel
  • Eymen: IoT Workshop with MQTT (Triggering actuators via sensor)
  • Heiko: Organizing suff (Police, owner of the space)
  • Jörg: Lorawan Gateways
  • Rakesh: Lighing system for plants
  • Nico: Cryptomining with Matthias for the space -> Approved (one "Enthaltung"; non contributing)
  • Peter: Light for toilet, environment sensor with Esp-1

Things to Buy

- Acrylic Plate -> Approved - Argon for welding (Eventually) -> Approved