20170406 Plenum

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Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • Peter, Adrian, Matthias and Nico for bringing the 3D-Cave
  • All that buy food for the BBQ

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status on those things? 20170319 Plenum

  • Peter brought the kitchen knifes, cutting boards and the electric kettle we bought


20. - 21.05. - Streetlife Munich We registered to be there and we've got the same size like last year.

The firetruck will also be there again and this time we're even connected to the power grid.

We need to create a Wiki-page and collect stuff to show there.


  • There has been a meeting with the Kompetenz-Team last week. Summary has been sent to the mailing list on Sunday.
  • Yesterday there has been another meeting between the competence team and somebody from the city. One of the discussion points was that new lease contracts are to be no longer limited until end of 2017 but until end of 2019. That would also affect our contract once we receive it. Unfortunately, feedback was that there hasn't been a decision made so far.
  • We're waiting for feedback of the "Lokalbaukommision" about what the possibilities of using the space right now. We requested feedback from the LBK until end of next week but that seems to be unrealistic.
    • There is a possibility that we'll be allowed to use the space again with some restrictions like installing a second door. As long as we don't have a written confirmation we're not going to spend money on this though.
  • There is the possibility to request permission for an event at the "KVR" so that it's even possible to hold the event in a storage-space. The first event might be a bit of a hassle but after that it should get a lot easier. We will talk to the Kompetenzteam about doing this for our Thursday-Meetup, and see about who'll carry the cost of that process
  • Another option that is being evaluated is if we could also rent the gatehouse (~4m2) which is an office space and do a mixed use.
  • At the meeting last Friday, the Kompetenzteam mentioned that even in a storage space, some work needs to be done, so there is the possibilty of limited used of the space. Of course, "normal" makerspace activity is not possible, so it shouldn't look like that of course.
    • Someone suggested to put foil the windows to block unwanted viewers. We voted and the majority voted against the foil.
    • Severin suggested to move our general working area inside the workshop so that it can't be seen from the outside. The electronics corner also can't be seen and therefore used.
  • Severin suggested to open the space to all members again once everybody got a personal introduction about the new rules. This is necessary as quite a few members seem not to have noticed what's going on with the space lately.
    • The door should remain locked even/especially if there is somebody inside. This will prevent unwanted visitors from simply entering.

The majority voted for Severin's suggestion to open up again with these rules:

  • Personal introduction
  • Use the workshop or electronics corner
  • If you need to use the visible area of the space keep times as short as possible
  • Door needs to be locked