20170223 Plenum

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  • Begin: 20:50
  • Participants: around 20

Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • Heiko for getting wall shaped stuff to the space
  • Adrian, David and Nico for building the wall
  • Adrian and Tobias for putting up the cable trays
  • Neo eventservice for borrowing Ladder
  • Jörg for adjusting the LaserCutter

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status on those things? 20170216 Plenum

Official Meeting of members

Needs to be held once a year

  • Postponed one week to date 2017-03-19, official invite will be sent out soon

Anything you don't feel comfortable with in the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • None

Use of the Workshop

Reminder: Like discussed during our planning meetings the workshop is one of the rooms that is being rented in the beginning. We will try to open it up to the public as soon as possible though. Here is a rough plan:

  • We will store our big tools in the shop (CNC, drillpress, lathe, ...)
  • Workshop will be locked for 2-3 Month
  • Access will be given to certain people during that time (tbd)
  • Private stuff in the workshop will be made "safe for public" and once that's done the doors will be opened
  • It will be evaluated how fast the MunichMakerLAB is able to take over the workshop and if we implement other concepts like "werkboxes"

Space Audio

  • Needed Rackspace for Amping and Transmitting: 4HE in the Front and Back. Things in the Rack: Amping for the Loudspeakers, IO Stuff
  • Placement of the Mixingconsole. The unit can physically fit into 12 HE, however 14HE would be necessary to accommodate the cabling connected to the back of the unit.
  • Amp & Mixingconsole will be put in the server rack
  • Costs for mounting Speakers: ~60€
  • Speaker Wire 50m ~80€
  • Eine Enthaltung, keine Gegenstimme

Laser material shelf

  • Jörg, Nico and Peter planned a shelf for the material for the cutter
  • Will be based on a euro palette and will cost 250€ max.
  • Muss noch weiter ausgearbeitet werden, z.B. schräg lagern, Größe etc. Nico verabredet separaten Termin

Benefits from the Bezirksausschuss

According to the contact person for the "Zuwendungen aus dem Budget des Bezirksausschuss" (we are 09 - "Neuhausen - Nymphenburg"), we shall fill out the form. Minimum 6 weeks ahead (the Bezirksausschuss is roughly every month). A couple of hundred to a few thousand Euros should be eligible.

  • Falls Jemand konkrete Idee / Projekte hat, möge er diese im Flowdock oder Plenum einbringen

Todos in Trello

Trello Todos New Space Let's check the achievements and Todos in Trello: What have we done, what is pending, needs planning, responsible person...


  • Nico checks for ebay auctions and sends interesting offers in Flowdock.
  • As an alternative, we might build the kitch with OSB and palettes on our own, needs planning
  • Budget max. 400€
    • einstimmig angenommen / decide unanimously

Pictures for the Make Magazine

They want to write about our move and asked for pictures. Send your pictures in Flowdock if you have more from the move.

Stuff to buy

  • Ladder 280€
  • Cable protectors (for the worktables) 40€
  • Costs for mounting Speakers: ~60€
  • Speaker Wire 50m ~80€
    • einstimmig angenommen / decide unanimously

Secure lock cylinder

To make the door more secure, the plenum is asked to check if someone has one (size: 30/30)


We need someone to be there Friday to receive our drink delivery. (The person will be Rakesh)

  • Nico will give Rakesh 195€


Please make sure when you go to the toilet to ONLY go downstairs to the toilet and not in the building in any other room or so.

End: 22:15