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Waht is where in the workshop. This is by no means final, more a mix of the current state and ideas for the future.

Safety Equipment

Left of main door mounted to long wooden wall we feature the following safety equipment highlights:

  • Box for safety goggles (space for 4)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Small first aid kit (large one is in the kitchen area)
  • Hearing protection (2x)

There is no breathing protection! For hygienic reasons (and clasification of protection actually required) you should bring your own.

Tools with a wiki page

Tools rack

2 racks right of man door mounted to long wooden wall.

  • Cordless drills, shelf containing drills, bits, bit sets, chargers
  • Box with work gloves
  • Box with files and rasps
  • SDS hammer drill (large green carrying box) including some drill bit
  • Box with corded drill
  • 2 jig saws
  • Sander (delta) - exzenter is currently broken
  • Scheppach track saw (track is stored between the racks for now)
  • Box with hand saws (including fretsaw tables and mitre guides)
  • Box with various long oversized hand tools (pipe wrench, bolt cutter etc)
  • Box with various hammers
  • Box with angle grinders (and dreml for now) including consumables and spanners
  • Large pipe thread dies (black carrying case)
  • Mitre saw
  • Box with f-clamps, will be moved to dedicated f-clamp rack
  • Box with sanding paper (various grits and shapes), steel wool
  • Box with brush tools (steel, nylon) handheld and rotary tool

Poison Cabinett

Metal cabinett opposite of tools rack.

Lubricants Laquers and paint
Glue -
Large Stuff (caulking tubes) -
- Cleaners
HCL Acid / Butane+Propane Gas Gardening stuff / Oil

Large Machines


You can find these tools in the (usually labled) drawers throughout the workshop.

  • Pens
  • Drill bits (including counter sinks etc)
  • Acid brushes
  • Lathe tools
  • Measurment tools: tape measures, dial indicators, calipers, machinist square, levels...
  • Snips + pliers
  • Srew drivers
  • Punches
  • Scribes
  • Milling cutters
  • Boring jigs
  • Collection of ratchets and nuts

TBD: place to store metal protection of work bench mounted to brick wall (maybe we should have a dedicated welding table)

Wall mounted:

  • large steel rules
  • large squares
  • spirit levels
  • track saw track
  • f-clamp rack


  • screws and nails
  • wall plugs
  • various mounting hardware (furniture hardware, wall mounts, etc)
  • cutting and cooling fluids for metal work