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Attention Attention: 🔐 Locked, dangerous machine ahead Attention
This machine is available to use after an introduction. Please ask on #workshop in slack if you want to use it.


Status: working [box doku]

Description Small bandsaw for wood and hard plastics
Owner  Severin

Severin brought his bandsaw for the space. You can use it after a brief introduction. Make sure to clean it afterwards.


It's great for breaking down wood and hard plastics. It will not cut metal, so don't try.


  • Connect a vacuum to the outlet on the bottom back side. The plug is not really sturdy, so make sure the vacuum hose is not pulling on it, otherwise it might pop out.
  • Always rest stuff on the table, don't try to cut in mid-air. Especially when cutting round things. The saw blade will pull it down and you might get hurt.