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This list is aiming to be an up-to-date list of contacts to make reaching the responsible person as easy as possible. Should you find any mistakes, please feel free to speak up on our slack. Please do not contact the responsible person via email or DM, instead, use the method stated in the "How to contact" column. Thank you!


What/System Responsible How to contact
Questions before becoming a member (non-billing) All members #general on Slack or
Any billing-related questions, incl. cancellation of membership Board of members, "Kassenwart"
Availability of rooms for other non-profit social clubs Board of members or "Home of Making e.V." or
Lost card/token, forgotten pins Board of members
Gate broken, urgent request to access German, Meier, David DM on Slack
Using the yard for events/gatherings Board of members

External Communication

What/System Responsible How to contact
Weekly Member Newsletter Severin, David #newsletter on Slack (see link in email to unsubscribe)
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Severin, German #socialmedia on Slack
Homepage, Blog on Homepage ("Tumblr") Severin #socialmedia on Slack
Mailing Lists Severin #it-infrastructure on Slack or
MeetupCom Severin, German, Meier #socialmedia on Slack
Public Calendar Severin, David, German, Meier #socialmedia on Slack

Space IT/AV

What/System Responsible How to contact
Space Network German, Aaron, Severin #it-infrastructure on Slack
Vending Machine German Contact German on Slack
Info-Screens Severin #it-infrastructure on Slack
Audio, Multi-Room-Audio Meier, German #it-infrastructure on Slack
Printers - #it-infrastructure on Slack
Servers in Pit Severin #it-infrastructure on Slack


What/System Responsible How to contact
General questions about the workshop/tools All members #workshop on Slack
Warehousing/Access to stock/consumable purchases German, Meier, Bernhard #workshop on Slack
Access to locked tools Workshop Intro Team see Courses
Access to CNC, CNC-Trainings Bernhard #cnc-router on Slack
Accidently broke a tool? Workshop Team via Slack or Board of Members #workshop on Slack or
Safety concerns Board of members

Gaming Corner/Wohnzimmer

What/System Responsible How to contact
General questions, Inquiries Bernhard, Roger #wohnzimmer on Slack
Pinball Machine Meier, Bernhard, German #pinball on Slack

Electronics Corner

What/System Responsible How to contact
General questions, Inquiries All members #electronics-lab on Slack

Laser & 3D-printing Lounge

What/System Responsible How to contact
3D-printing Zhang (Justin) #3d-printing on Slack
LaserCutter AlexG, Meier (temp), German (temp) #lasercutter on Slack