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Tell us about your project, your travels, or just something cool you encountered.

Past talks

Date Title Description Presenter Slides Recording
2013-06-06 MetaLab Vienna Vivid was in Vienna and visited the MetaLab, a local hackerspace Vivid N. Savitri [1] n/a
2017-10-12 The future of automation Theo talks about automation and AI Theo n/a
2017-11-13 Bluetooth Beacons Jan explains bluetooth beacons Jan n/a
2018-01-18 How To Wiki How to edit our wiki Severin PDF, online, source tba
2018-02-07 WenWen Smart Jewelry Teardown Tanja and Kenny do a teardown of WenWen Smart Jewelry Kenny n/a



  • Upload missing slides (cecile)
  • Cut and upload Kenny's cocktail bot talk, Severin's How To Wiki talk (cecile)